2008 Team Insider: Springtown Porcupines

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Last year, after starting the season 0-5, the Springtown Porcupines rolled out 4 straight victories before losing their last two in an 0-7 season. Coach Turner seems to find a way to get more with less. Springtown has not traditionally been a team that one could expect to perform well, but they continue to find ways to win the games that count and make the playoffs. Springtown will have to pull some magic out of the hat again this year returning 11 starters and 16 lettermen from a 4-7 season.

There will be no Logan Turner this season, but Caden Cowan is a youngster with a lot of upside. Xavier Sanchez is a young running back and he will provide depth to Nick Joyner who is a more experienced running back. The offensive line is on the small size led by Chad Hoffman and Brett Casey. The receivers for the Porcupines are Rhett Ballard and Jarod Thompson. Nothing spectacular - a very average group of players.

On the defensive side, there are no stars but a lot of returning players. RJ Wilson will lead the defensive line. The linebacker crew will be pretty good led by Tyler McDowell, Matt Pierce and Trace Pawelek. Eric Baltodano will bring a nice change of pace. The secondary will rotate within the set of receivers. Clayton Cooper is a name to watch as is Caleb Bankston. Last season, the gave up over 30 points a game.

The new 6-4A loses Fossil Ridge as a powerhouse but gains Aledo. Springtown scheduled some very winnable games for non-district so they could go into the first game against Boswell 3-0. Springtown will be competitive for the last spot - and it will come down to Mineral Wells, Saginaw and Springtown for the right to represent 6-4A in the 4th playoff spot. Even if things don't look good on paper, if I was a betting man, I would take Coach Turner to find a way to make this team a playoff calibur team. They will have a tough time winning a first round game, however.

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