Central Texas OL has pair of offers

Though it is not so easy to get noticed in Central Texas, some players still manage to work hard and get their name out there. Being at a slight disadvantage of not being from the two major media centers, Houston and Dallas, makes being recruited tough but one such recruit has managed to get on the maps.

With his teammate, Tom Wort, one of the big buzz players of the Class of 2009, Marcus Stager and other teammates might have felt overshadowed and lost in the shuffle. Still one thing that a high profile recruit does for his teammates, he gives other teams an opportunity to see who else is on the field.

Of course a player makes his own magic and his own play will determine whether he gets offers or not. For Marcus Stager he now has two offers from D 1 schools according to his coach Chuck Caniford.

"Marcus has been offer by Army and New Mexico State", said Coach Caniford.

At six-foot-four, 287 pounds he has great college size and Coach Caniford pointed him out to us last year as a player to watch. With the season fixing to start more teams will have the opportunity to watch and evaluate him. When they do stay tuned to Scout.com and Texasprpeinsider.com for the latest news.

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