Just another day at the office for Biard

While plenty of the state's top offensive linemen have made their college choices, there are still a good number who are seeking the right fit. And that is exactly where League City Clear Creek's Jared Biard stands at the moment. We gat the chance to speak with Biard after a 42-21 Week 0 win to see what his thoughts were and see how recruiting is going.

Things got off to a good start this past for League City (TX) Clear Creek offensive lineman Jared Biard. The Wildcats racked up 244 rushing yards for a 9.76 yard per carry average and Baird and crew played a key role in the 42-21 victory over Pasadena Memorial.

But as for Baird's individual (he lined up at both tackle and guard) performance, he felt pretty good about it. He also praised the other lineman.

"I think I did really good in the game, but I probably feel more comfortable at the tackle position," Baird said. "My screens are all right but I could work on getting out more and getting down low. But other than that, I think I had a pretty solid performance, but you can't do it without the rest of the guys supporting me. We got good play out of our guards and newbies."

As for the 6-foot-8, 300-pound Baird, playing games (and football in general) is equivalent to a grown man punching in everyday for the 9-to-5. Throughout the night, he felt good about his face off with his opponent and feels like he dominated the opposing defensive lineman.

But Baird is not taking any lunch breaks.

"I take games as just another day at the job you know. I have to get my business done and take him down," Baird said. "No hard feelings to the guy, but I had to put it on him a couple of times."

While Baird wants to see success for he and his teammates, he is still making a strong push towards gaining more inertest from college recruiters. His list of interested schools is quite long, but he has yet to pull in offer No. 1.

According to Baird, Arizona seems to be the front-runner while there are a few new schools that have come as of late.

"I'm still really strong with Arizona, but Texas State and Texas Tech are still recruiting me pretty heavy also," Baird said. "Kansas and Nebraska came out and I am still getting a bunch of stuff from them as well and I am talking with their coaches. But it (recruiting) is going well, but no offers so far. I think I am pretty close though."

So who will likely be the first?

"Hopefully my first offer will come from Arizona. I like their coach a lot and he shows me a lot of respect and tells me straight up what is going on," Baird said.

While Baird is holding a strong 300-pound figure, he said that he looks to shed down to a lean 295 so that he will be more mobile in a pass-pro offense. 

As far as the recent game, he feels confident in walking away a winner, in the trenches and on the scoreboard. Of course many would say those two usually work hand in hand.

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