Dale: "I'm just here for the game"

Things are rolling along as offensive lineman Rob Dale and the St. Pius X football team look to repeat the success they had last year. Coming off a recent win over rival St. Thomas, TexasPrepInsider's Ahmard Vital caught up with Dale to talk football and a little college recruiting.

In Houston, the St. Pius X program is known for producing some of the top talent in the area. And that trend continues, especially when offensive lineman like Robert Dale are in the line up. Dale and the Panthers team are coming off a big win over rival St. Thomas. 

In the game, they racked up 390 yards of total offense despite having a short field for most of the night. But it was an interesting case for the 6-foot-4, 295-pound Dale as he has prior connections to his last week opponent.

"It's been a big rival game since these two schools started. I went to (St.) Thomas my freshman year and I knew what it was like and I knew how these kids were going to react," Dale said. "I came out here with the right mentality to get the job done and we did that."

Dale admits that even though he plays on the rival team, he still hangs out with guys from St. Thomas. As for the game, St. Pius X won the game 45-7.

And for Dale that is the main thing, the win.

"I think I played pretty well, but the score was 45-7 and that's all that counts," Dale said. "I'm just happy we got it done."

For linemen, total offensive yards are a good measuring rod on how well the line is performing. On the ground, Trey Nelson had 113 yards while Venric Mark had six receptions for 136 yards. In all, the Panthers had 236 passing yards.

That alone is enough validation for Dale to realize the job has been done.

"You know nothing happens unless the O-line is overpowering the line of scrimmage. If we don't get our job done, the game is not going to turn out well for us," Dale said. "The backs rely a great deal on us as well as we do them. It is just in unison when we work together."

Play of this caliber has also had some success for Dale on the college-recruiting front. And while he wants to play ball on the next level, things are quite a bit simpler for him.

"Right now I have no offers, but I'm been getting some letters from the University of Kansas and we have sort of a family tie with (Texas) A&M," Dale said. "Really, I'm just out here giving all my heart and if I get offers, that's awesome, but I'm here for the game."

With Texas A&M, Dale said that a close family friend has a significant position with the university. But Dale looks to excel on his own merit.

"One of our good family friends was appointed by the governor to be on the board of directors at A&M so we were hoping that he could maybe help me out a little," Dale said. "But I don't want it to be like him grand fathering me into the school. I want to come out there and play and if A&M wants me, then I am just going to play my butt off and play the best I can."

Dale and the Panther team are 4-1 and will travel to Louisiana to play Sulphur this week on Friday.

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