Versatile TX athlete getting lots of looks

In Greater Houston, when talks of the top teams come up, one cannot help but mention The Woodlands. Now undefeated, the Highlanders have a solid corp of guys show up week in and week out. One of those athletes is Logan Rowe. But as the team progresses, Rowe continues to attract the attention of college recruiters. TPI's Ahmard Vital caught up with Rowe to talk football and college recruiting.

As the season moves on all eyes have been set on the success of the The Woodlands football team. The Highlanders are now at 6-0 and are the district frontrunner for the title. After talking with a handful of guys on the team, many of them say that this is truly a team effort and each guy is playing and contributing to the best of his ability.

Of course, some of the guys are versatile and have a hand in many facets of the game. One of those guys in particular is athlete Logan Rowe. Whether he is in as a slot receiver, covering on special teams, or lining up on third-and-long on defense, Rowe is willing to whatever it takes.

"I can run the ball on reverses, spread the field vertically, or return kicks on special team. I feel I play a diverse role on the team," Rowe said. "But we have success as a team first. It's been great and I am having a blast. We are all just having fun on the field and winning ball games."

For this season, Rowe's primary role is on the offensive side of the ball as a receiver in the Highlanders' high-powered attack. At the moment, Rowe has 12 receptions for 360 yards and four touchdowns. He has another 46 yards rushing as well.

With that said, the 5-foot-10, 190-pound Rowe has a couple of offers and heavy interest from some of the nation's top programs.

"I have two offers right now from Air Force and Army, but I have a lot of schools evaluating my film," Rowe said. "I just sent my video to Ole Miss, Kansas, TCU, North Texas, Kansas State, Rice, and Texas A&M over the past couple of weeks. Most of them said that they would get back to shortly."

While Rowe states that he is open to all of the schools listed, he has a couple in mind that he has close connections with and would like to be in line for an offer.

"I went to a lot of summer camps, but Purdue and Northwestern are probably my Top 2," Rowe said. "I am lot more comfortable with their coaching staffs than the other schools."

Rowe also named a third, Ole Miss, as a school of high consideration. He said that when he was a sophomore, he went to the camps at Arkansas and got to know the coaches fairly well. Then, after coaching changes, he continued to keep in touch with them.

As for Purdue, he said that he and coach Brian Rock kept in touch since he visited this past summer at a camp. For Northwestern, he said that he and coach Randy Bates "talk often."

"I think that my next offer will come from either Ole Miss, Purdue, or Northwestern," Rowe said. "I will wait and see what all of my options are at the end of my season. But if the right offer comes along, I'll take it."

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