Week 9 District 24-4A Insider

Here at TPI we are all over the final games of the regular season. We are breaking down the play-off scenarios, the district title races, and everything else that is High School foorball here in the state of Texas. Best of all, as always, it is free to you!


Friendswood 5-1 4-1
Angleton 5-3 4-1
Brazosport 4-3 3-2
La Marque 3-4 3-2
Texas City 4-3 2-3
Dawson 3-3 2-3
Manvel 2-5 2-3
Santa Fe 1-5 0-5

Friday's Games

La Marque @ Manvel

The La Marque Cougars are coming a 21-14 win over Santa Fe last week. The Cougars are still mathmatically alive in the play-off chase, and if any team is used to finding there way to the play-offs this team is it. The young players on the team have really matured this season and are producing wins now.
The Manvel Mavericks have narrowly missed a huge upset of Friendswood last week when they chose to go for two with 1:49 left in the game, and came up just short. The Mavericks are also full of young players that have matured and grown throughout the year. This match-up could turn out to be agood one this year as well as in the future with all the young talent on both sides of the ball.

Prediction : Mavericks by 7

Dawson @ Texas City

The Dawson Eagles have dropped their last two contests and have fallen down in the race for the play-offs. Although they are not officially out of it, the writing is on the wall for this season. The Eagles are yet another team in the district that is loaded with young talent who will have more chances in the future. Lazard, Brown, and Blackshire are just a few of the young talent on the team that has been cmopetitive in most games this year.
The Texas City Stingarees are coming off a tough 29-21 loss to Angleton last week. The Stings would not be in the play-offs it they started today, but I would definitely not count the Stings out of it just yet. With two games left in the regular season, anything can happen. The Stings defense leads 24-4A with 9 interceptions.

Prediction : Stingarees by 14

Brazosport @ Friendswood

The Brazosport Exporters find themselves right in the thick of the play-off race after a 32-27 win over Dawson last week. They finish with two teams that are currently ahead of them in the standings in Friendswood and Texas City, so the Exporters are definitely in control of thier own destiny. Gary Bivens continues to lead the district with 1050 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns. The Exporters defense has only given up a little over 109 yards a game through the air, so we'll see if they can slow down Friendswood.
The Friendswood Mustangs narrowly escaped with a win last week against Manvel, and have clinched a play-off birth, but are in a fight with Angleton for the district title. The Mustangs are a pretty well rounded team as they lead the district in offense output with 228 yards a game, and are also second in the district with 6 interceptions. Andrew Cole has been a pleasant surprise thus far at running back with 477 yards and 5 touchdowns. Jacob Karam continues to impress with a 59% completion rate and 1539 yards to go with 17 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions.

Prediction : Mustangs by 17

Angleton @ Santa Fe

The Angleton Wildcats travel to Santa Fe this week with the clear inside track to not only the play-offs, but the district title as well. A win this week clinches a play-off birth for Angleton and two wins to finish out the season guarantees them the title. The Wildcats are still being led on both sides of the ball by Henry Josey, and Quandre Diggs who have been impressive this year to say the least.
The Santa Fe Indians are the only team who is already eliminated from the play-off picture, and are just looking to close out the season on a positive note. Statistically the Indians are the #1 defense in 24-4A, but the lack of offense has cost the Indians all year.

Prediction : Wildcats by 21

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