District 21-4A: Week 9 Predictions

TexasPrepInsider.com continues the 2008 football season with our weekly predictions of your favorite teams. Check out who we feel will come away with a win this week. This is free content so enjoy.

Houston Davis vs. Houston Westbury
Showdown in H-Town takes place this weekend as this game between Davis and Westbury will decide who gets the district title. Both teams have played well up to this point, but only one team will walk away victorious. And while the ever-so-fighting Davis squad has had a great run, I think Westbury has the edge.

And I say this mainly because of one thing, speed. With Charles Sims in the backfield, the Davis team will likely have trouble containing him because of his versatility and ability to play all of the offensive skilled positions. Look for a close game as both teams have the ability to put points on the board.

Westbury by 10

Houston Austin vs. Houston Waltrip
Both teams are still in contention for the final playoff spot, with Austin having the slight edge. Waltrip has had some issues moving the ball offensively, but neither team has been really dominant this season. 

But, this could be Austin's opportunity to possibly slide into the playoffs. The Mustangs will need to come out and set the tone early and take the lead. Then, it should be all she wrote.

Austin by 10

Houston Yates vs. Houston Reagan 
Okay Yates, it's sink or swim now as the Lions are in a position that they are not usually in. Yates will need to win out starting this week to even have a chance at the postseason, something that has traditionally been a given. 

It's starts this week and look for Reginald Perry of Yates to come out running to give the Lions a fighting chance at playing more than 10 games.

It's a long shot and the Lions will need help from other teams in the district, but they should win this one.

Yates by 14

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