Klein Collins shows strong against Dekaney

There are losses. And then there are defeats. And Dekaney (13-5A, 0-8 overall, 0-6 district) was decidedly defeated by Klein Collins (13-5A, 6-2 overall, 4-2 district) in a 51-14 blowout Sat., Nov. 1 at Klein Memorial Stadium.  

There are losses.  And then there are defeats.  And Dekaney (13-5A, 0-8 overall, 0-6 district) was decidedly defeated by Klein Collins (13-5A, 6-2 overall, 4-2 district) in a 51-14 blowout Sat., Nov. 1 at Klein Memorial Stadium.   

Klein Collins, currently seated third in the district, controlled the ball from start to finish.  The Dekaney team who has showed flashes of promise throughout the season was nowhere to be found.  To make matters worse, Klein Collins literally ran the score up –senior quarterback Ross Peters didn't even attempt to throw a pass all night.   To be fair, Collins always favors running the ball, and Peters has only thrown 68 passes for the whole season.  But that glaring statistic certainly added plenty of insult to the defense's injury.   

The first quarter of the contest was particularly brutal, with Klein Collins scoring 28 unanswered points, the first 21 of which came courtesy of three blistering, long-yardage runs.  Junior RB Kenneth Centamore tore down the field 42 yards to find the endzone just a few minutes into the game.  Fellow junior RB Ja'Michael Rozier didn't take long to top that.  Almost exactly three minutes later – with 6:48 left in the first, Rozier scored off a 61-yard run.  A few minutes later, senior RB Brandon Barrett ran it in 36 yards to make the score 21-0 with 4:14 left in the first.  

Unfortunately, Dekaney's nightmarish first quarter wasn't over.  Peters scored off a three-yard run with less than a minute left.   

For a team who made considerable strides in keeping their offense on the field more, Dekaney's defense sure got a work out.  Junior QB Keenan Atilee threw well, completing 13 of 19 passes with two touchdowns and one interception, but the running game was lost in grappling with the Klein Collins' defense, which looked exceptional.  Led by DBs Costa Checkles and Larry Cekella, the Tiger D dominated the Wildcats.  With the exception of junior RB Corarrel Sweeney, who ran for 66 yards on 16 carries, only one other Wildcat – Atilee, who rushed for 10 yards – posted yardage in the double digits.  Two players posted negative yardage, and the team rushed for only 19 yards – versus Klein Collins' 290 yards – in the first half.   

On Dekaney's first possession of the second quarter, Atilee tried continue to build on one of the most promising aspects of Dekaney's game against Tomball: piecing together longer drives.  Atillee lobbed a three-yard pass to junior James Jackson under double-coverage in the endzone for Dekaney's first touchdown of the game with 7:48 left in the second.   Sophomore Greg Livingston's attempt to run the ball back in for two failed, and the score was 28-6.   

Rozier once again found the endzone on an 11-yard run with 4:28 left in the second; however, Andrew Bereck's kick was no good.  He later made up for it with no time left in the half by kicking an 18-yard field goal, making the score 37-6.   

The second half held nothing better in store for Dekaney.  Centamore scored off a 93-yard kickoff return on the very first play of the half, making the score 44-6.  

Neither team made their way onto the scoreboard again until the fourth quarter.  Atilee put together his second 12 play drive of the game to score off another lob pass, this one to junior Alonso Hudson in the back left corner of the endzone.  Trying for another two point conversion, a pass interference call was made against the Tigers.  Atilee ran it in for two to make the score 44-14.   

After the Tiger offense had exploited major weaknesses by tearing through the Dekaney defense, the last score of the game came off another short run.  Brett Hume scored off a two-yard run with 3:21 left in the game to make the final score 51-14.   

Both teams face tough competition in their last week of the regular season.  Thurs. Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. at Leonard George Stadium, Dekaney faces Klein Oak (13-5A, 6-1 overall, 5-1 district), currently second in district, for their last game of the season.  Klein Collins plays Klein Forest (13-5A, 7-1 overall, 5-1 district), first in district, Fri. Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m. at Klein Memorial Stadium. 

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