Allen brings first major state title home

At TexasPrepInsider our tag line is ‘We are There.' And unlike some publications, we try and get out to the entire Greater Houston (and statewide) area in our coverage. Tonight we bring you a game warp up from the Allen/Fort Bend Hightower state final game. Game-day coverage from TPI is free so check it out.

Throughout the year, Fort Bend Hightower has been a team known for being able to come from behind and find a way to win. But in the state game Saturday night against Allen at Reliant Stadium, the Eagles capitalized on most of their opportunities. 

That was enough to take a title back home as Allen wins its first-ever major championship for the school with a 21-14 win over Hightower in front of over 26,000 fans for the 5A Division I state game. For most of the game, the Hurricanes were up, but by only a touchdown.

It was the Hurricanes that who take the early lead when Darius Johnson took a reverse 42 yards for the game's first score, and 7-0 would stay on the board for some time. But throughout, both defenses stepped up and made plays for the respective teams. 

But it was the Eagles that got the stop late in the third quarter that led to 2-yard touchdown pass from Tucker Carter to Jeremiah Williams. In the next quarter, Carter found Marcus Thomas from 37 yards out on the first play uncovered. This touchdown was the result of great field position as the Hurricanes punted from their on end zone. 

Hightower responded when Johnson returned a kickoff 77 yards to advance to ball to the Eagles 7-yard line. A few plays later, A.J. Highsmith found Bryce Edwards for an 11-yard touchdown pass. But the game-winning touchdown came when the Carter-to-Justin Robinson touchdown.

Up 21-14 with less than a minute to go, the Eagles faced a foruth-and-2, the Hurricane defense, led by linebacker Shaun Lewis (game defensive MVP: 16 tackles, sack), held when Dele Junaid made a play in the Eagle backfield.

The Hurricanes came out and attempted to work the hurry up offense, but fell short after an Edwards's completion. 

Carter, who was the game's offensive MVP, was 21-of-30 for 238 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. Bradlee Waddell (6-73) and Dakarari Pecikonis (4-87) were Carter's primary targets. 

For Hightower, Highsmith finished with 220 yards passing and 48 yards rushing, one touchdown. Edwards and Johnson both had five receptions on the night. 

Allen finished the season with a 15-1 record while Hightower had a 13-1 finish.

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