Recruiting Tidbits - DFW 2A Superlatives

Each day we will take a look at some recruiting tidbits of each of the all-area teams. Some all-area teams will have more recruiting stars than others. Check out all of the in-depth analysis here for the 2A All-Area team. Are there any future Saturday players here? Today is our last look at the 2A ranks - we look at the MVP's and 2A Superlatives.

2A MVP: RB - Nathan Jeffrey, Caddo Mills (JR)
Offensive POY: QB - Ried Golson, Grandview (SR)
Defensive POY: LB - Beau Tamburin, Gunter (SR)
Sophomore of the Year: QB - Thor Long, Callisburg
Coach of the Year: Randy Jackson, Lone Oak

There are some very talented players in the superlatives. The 2A MVP is Nathan Jeffrey. Jeffrey comes from a family of talented players. Nathan ended the year with 250 carries and 2357 yards and 38 Touchdowns. A hot rumor I had heard a couple of months ago is that a couple of the Mountain West Schools are looking very intently at him as a small school Texas sleeper. He had two three-hundred yard games this year and 4 touchdowns in 7 of the 13 games he played this year.

Ried Golson is the MVP this year for having big school numbers in a small school area. He threw for 158 of 243 pases - only averaging about 20 passes a game - and connected for nearly 3100 yards and 32 touchdowns. He only had 8 interceptions - 6 of which were in his last two games - after he was injured. His gutty performance helped the Grandview Zebras to another December run. Golson, if he continues his football career, will likely do so as a walk-on.

Players and coaches were very high on Thor Long this year. Long ended up winning the QB position over senior Clayton Love, and it gave the team huge confidence. Long ended up with nearly 3000 yards and 30 touchdowns. He threw 40 yard plus TD's in 8 of the games he played this year. He is someone who could start to garner a lot of interest over the next two years.

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