Post spring report: Houston Bellaire

Providing our fans with the best high school and recruiting news is the aim of the TexasPrepInsider organization. Today, we bring you a brief spring report for the District 20-5A team Houston Bellaire.

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of the interview and completion of this story, coach Jeff Walker was the coach of the Bellaire football team. Walker has since then been relieved of his duties in this capacity.

Of the four spots slated to go into postseason play each year for District 20-5A, it seems as though the past couple of years have featured the same teams in the playoffs representing the district.

And that fact does not sit well with the Bellaire football team. Last season the Cardinals finished with a 3-5 record and found themselves No. 5 in the district. They look for that to change in 2009.

"Last season was a disappointment and I thought we should have done better. I think we got our heads down a little bit, especially in the Chavez game which was pivotal," Bellaire coach Jeff Walker, who was the coach at press time said. "After that, things sort of slipped away from there. We also had a good run at Westside and could not make it in the kicking game. 

"So it seems like a lot of almost and what ifs, but we are not looking in the rear view mirror."

Perhaps the term "rebuilding" may be appropriate, but then again, who's to say who the next coach will be. But there is one thing for certain, he will have a good combination of skilled players in the cupboard to work with.

Especially on offense.

"Without a doubt the strength of this team is at the quarterback position (Adrian Nelson) and other skilled positions," Walker said. "I feel we have the best quarterback in the state of Texas and one of the Top 10 quarterbacks in the nation. We have some senior wide receivers and good offensive lineman to go along with Eric Deveaux and Chris Henley in the backfield. There's no doubt that these guys are the heart and soul."

But the primary concern, which is likely not to change regardless of the coaching situation, is the defense. The Cardinals gave up 30-plus points in a lot of contests last season, finishing last in 20-5A in team defense.

And before Walker left, that was his primary focus.

"We were looking close at defense this spring. We were bad on defense last year, we were last in defense," Walker said. "And to top that off, we lost a bunch of seniors so it was a year where it should have been, but wasn't. We were looking for people to fly to the ball and play with enthusiasm and I saw that this spring."

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