Post spring report: Fort Bend Dulles

Providing our fans with the best high school and recruiting news is the aim of the TexasPrepInsider organization. Today, we bring you a brief spring report for the District 23-5A team Sugar Land Dulles. We caught with coach Jim Creech for an update.

Though the record may not accurately show it, there was a lot accomplished within the Sugar Land Dulles football program last season. By the numbers, a 2-6 finish is somewhat dismal, but according to Dulles coach Jim Creech, this Vikings team is not hanging their heads.

Last season, there were a good number of underclassmen starting at the skilled positions. Now with that year under their belt, Dulles is looking towards brighter days.

"The very first day of practice I got all of the lettermen up and told them that we needed them to get better every day. It was so important that our returners get better and I think we did," Creech said "We knew we were going to be very athletic and we found out this spring that we were. We are going to be very young, but that's just the way it is."

But sometimes the youth grows up a little faster than expected and a level of maturity starts to develop. 

"What I think I saw this off season some of our young kids stepping up in leadership roles, which sometimes you don't get out of young kids," Creech said. "We have some awesome kids in that sophomore class, and now we just need some senior leadership on top of that and we should be fine."

And where some of that leadership started was when Creech and the Viking coaching staff starting seeing the positions that needed to be filled going into off season. Unselfish moves by a number of players showed the level of commitment any coach wants to see.

"We were having to spend some time with some of the players going both ways and we haven't done that in years. That was big for us because we were having to move kids from one side of the ball to another," Creech said. "What I saw kids not minding that they started at inside receiver last year and they got moved to outside linebacker. There is even the case of an all-district defensive back (who is being recruited that way as well) and he steps up and plays some outside receiver for us. Those things are important for us to move forward."

Creech stressed how pleased he was that the Viking team got the amount of reps they did during spring training. With players in new positions, that comes with new challenges. Plenty of snaps were taken on both sides of the ball, which he hopes will convert to team success in 2009.

The end result is that right now, Creech is pleased where is team is to date. 

"I think we got a lot of reps and a lot of our questions were answered with spring training. Depth is going to be an issue with our linemen, but I think we are solid with our front on both sides of the ball," Creech said. "Our lettermen are getting better and that was our most important thing for this spring. We (the coaching staff) just hope they show back up on August 10 better than we are right now."

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