Post spring report: Alamo Heights

Providing our fans with the best high school and recruiting news is the aim of the TexasPrepInsider organization. Today, we bring you a brief spring report for the District 27-4A team Alamo Heights. We caught with coach Don Byrd for an update.

There were many factors that the Alamo Heights football program had to face this spring, but most were on the positive side. For one, the Mule baseball team did well as did the track team, which had their meet get rescheduled because of the swine flu scare. 

"With the regional track getting pushed back, we had a couple of kids who did not get the work that they usually would have," Alamo Heights coach Don Byrd said. "We also have a good baseball team that advanced so we had a couple of kids in that as well. But it was a good spring for Alamo Heights."

Of the many things that Byrd saw this spring that were positive, one thing stood out more than he others.

"For the first time in a long time, we feel like there will be a lot of competition at some positions. That will be a neat situation we have not experienced," Byrd said. "With the competition, we just want to see who has a great summer and when we come back and put on the pads we'll have to settle those spots. We have several men vying for those starting spots so it should be interesting."

Last season the Mules finished with an 8-4 record, ending in the area round at the hands of Killeen. And not that this game has forced somewhat of a transformation, but Byrd and the Mule coaching staff made a few revisions that they look try out for the 2009 season.

And these changes are going on on both sides of the ball.

"There are some things we are playing around with. We were focused on trying to run the ball a little bit more and add some multiple formations for our offense," Byrd said. "On defense, we are changing to more of a 4-3 and we have not run that in the past. Those are some of the things we are looking into."

According to Byrd, one of the factors in the Mules' success is their ability to play as one unit. Of course, it's easy to say that everyone lines up as a team, but Byrd said that he and his staff try and put the kids in the best possible position for the team's sake.

And sometimes that may mean working without a stable of blue chip players.

"This team is just a group of kids who play well together. We are not blessed with a lot of size or speed, but these young men have really taken pride in learning the system," Byrd said. They are getting good at the things we need to do to win, spreading people out in a one-back situation and calling the plays to put them in position to have success. 

"We look to have a great summer and be ready to go in August."

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