Post spring report: Waller Bulldogs

Providing our fans with the best high school and recruiting news is the aim of the TexasPrepInsider organization. Today, we bring you a brief spring report for the District 18-4A team Waller. We caught with coach Jason Morley for an update.

Looking back over the years at the Waller football organization, there were not too many instances where the Bulldogs have not made postseason play. So to finish 4-6 and miss the playoffs in 2008 was not in the preseason plans.

In fact, it is more than uncharacteristic for the Bulldogs to finish below .500. But for coach Jason Morley and the Bulldog coaching staff, last season will be used as a means of inspiration to know where a team no longer wants to go.

"We have a great tradition at Waller and we plan on winning football games and making the playoffs every year. So to go 4-6 last year and not make the playoffs was definitely a motivating factor for our kids in the offseason," Morley said. "We didn't have the season we wanted last year, and the team was young. But, we have 10 players back on offense and seven on defense and that experience is going to help. "

So how much effect did that one year have on the players? According to Morley, it all came down to how the team connected with each other.

"I think the main thing we found out was that our kids got some experience and maturity. This is a great group of seniors who have played with each other since pee wee football," Morley said. "With that, the chemistry on this team I think is a little better than last year's. Last year we had a lot of players who really didn't know each other. Half were on varsity the year before the other half on JV and they did not have a lot of experience with each other."

And that obviously goes a long way when trying to build a program. Of course, legacies and traditions run deep in the Waller program as well. And just like many of the strong programs across the state, preserving that rich tradition is important.

So for this past off-season, there were coaches bringing the heat on the underclassmen, but the team also had a few other visitors to add to the party.

"You know all of the former Bulldogs come back in the off season (home from college) and they kind of jump these kids' butts a little bit about not taking care of business last year," Morley said. "These kids know how important this is and those alums came back to make sure they know. I think that is a big motivator in trying to get us back to the playoffs."

One of the major changes that went down this past off-season was the Bulldog coaching staff deciding to not participate in spring football. And while the coaches feel like more work could have been completed, they do not feel like it the time was unproductive.

"We didn't get as much as we wanted to get done without spring ball, but we got a lot of work with our skilled kids and we got a lot of footwork done with our offensive and defensive linemen," Morley said. "I think we got as much done as we could without pads. Plus, with the extra week in the fall and the extra scrimmage we will pick up, I think we'll be just fine.

"With the added experience and the anticipation of the summer workout program, I think we have a chance to be pretty decent next year. But we have a lot of work between now and August 28."

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