TPI: Game Changers – Houston OFF

Not long from now, the kickoff to the 2009 season will be taking place. Here at Texas Prep Insider, we like having a variety of things to discuss. Today, we take a quick look at a few of the go-to offensive guys in the Houston area.

No doubt it takes all 11 players on the field to have a successful squad, but there are those players who just got it. The ‘it' factor is when the game is on the line, there is not a question as to who will have the ball in his hands.

And while many times a quarterback, we have guys on the list who do not take the snaps, but before it's all said and done they have the ball.

Kent Brooks, committed to Houston
While this is strictly about the offense, it has to be mentioned that Atascocita's Brooks can play any skilled position on the field. One minute his in the backfield running for 30-yard touchdown and next series, he is decleating his opponents' primary receiver. Look for Brooks to be used in multiple situations on both sides of the ball.

Jacoby Walker, committed to Kansas
Amongst the top quarterbacks in the city, Spring Westfield's Walker has proven that he is the guy who needs to have the ball when the game is one the line. He has had his share of come-from-behind wins and threw for over 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. Look for more of that in 2009.

Kevin Johnson, committed to Oklahoma State
This season may be a test for Cy Ridge's Johnson, especially when he had a quarterback of his team last year who demanded plenty of attention. Even with that said, Johnson was a player who made a lot of things happen when he has the ball in his hands, hauling in 45 passes for 690 yards and 12 touchdowns. Going into 2009, Johnson will have the target. 

Jordan Jolly, committed to Houston
As the No. 2 receiver, Fort Bend Elkins' Jolly was still able to pull in 29 catches with 8 touchdowns. But the statistics that has to be mentioned is his 24-yard per catch average. In simple terms, get him the ball and let make it happen. Hi speed and ability to make people miss, makes him dangerous in 1-on-1 situations. 

Brent Walters
Much like the young man mentioned above, Walters is one who literally can do anything. Yes, anything. Whether he lines up at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or on defense as a safety, he will excel. Younger players are coming up which should help complement Walters.

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