Spring's new guys make it happen

While we love bringing you a good portion of high school news and updates, we also want to feature some of the state's top athletes, while getting a quick look at what's the latest on the college recruiting front. Today, we feature two of Spring's finest in Ridgeway Frank and Greg Livingston.

How does the saying go, it's not where you are from it's where you at. While you have to pardon the slang, the statement was necessary when describing two of the many offensive weapons whom are on the Spring High School roster.

While neither Ridgeway Frank nor Greg Livingston wore a Spring uniform last season, that has not stopped them from representing the Lions team and making big plays happen.

Most recently, Spring got its first win of the season against Humble 42-7. Frank and Livingston had 168 of Spring's total offensive yards, which was 272 yards.

But what these guys do is minute compared to the bigger picture and overall cause.

"It takes a lot of efforts to pull out a win. And it takes everybody doing what they need to do for us to get into the end zone," Livingston, who had 79 receiving yards and a touchdown said.

Frank, who came to Spring from a Houston-area private school where he had 1,854 yards and 25 touchdowns, made his presence known scoring twice and racking up 89 yards in the process.

In fact, making the transition to public school ball was not that big an issue for him.

"I came from a private school and a lot of people doubted what I can do," Frank said. "The only difference is the holes close up a little faster, but I still bang it. And I feel good. I took a couple of hits, but I'm good. It's just good to get these early wins. It gets us off to a good for district. 

"We will be ready."

In regards to Livingston, playmaking ability runs deep. Last season when Livingston was enrolled at another North Houston school, he had 35 catches for 414 yards and two scores. But everything he does is for the good of the team.

And despite asking him where he felt like he contributes to the team, it was still a team-first mentality

"I feel well about what I do, but there is no ‘I' in team," Livingston said. "It takes us all to gel together to get the win. So I feel like the team got this win, not me."

Livingston, who is just a junior, will continue making the plays, but also has the ambition to play some college football as well. For the moment, he said that he does not have any offers, but has just started hearing from SMU, while TCU and Mississippi State came down during the spring to see him.

Frank, who shares carries with teammates Corey Phillips and DaRel Haynes, has an offer in hand from Iowa State and Tulsa and Louisiana-Monroe are still actively recruiting him.

The Lions return to their home stadium this weekend to take on Stratford Saturday.

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