Ellison ready to lead Wolves to title

While we love bringing you a good portion of high school news and updates, we also want to feature some of the state's top athletes, while getting a quick look at what's the latest on the college recruiting front. Today, we feature Clear Brook full back Brandon Ellison. This is a TPI Premium article.

Going into his senior season, a 1-3 start was not what Clear Brook running back Brandon Ellison had in mind. And while some may look at this as a negative, Ellison sees things from a much different perspective.

And that is the ‘best has yet to come' attitude.

"We have struggled some this season and turnovers have hurt us a lot," Ellison said. But we are working all of that out and getting it together. We are maturing each week and we still have a good season ahead of us. We are going to come out from now on and surge winning all games and get the district title."

In their triple option attack, the 6-foot, 205-pound Ellison is at the full back position and leads the team in total yards and average per carry. After a Week 4 performance total 14 carries for 148 yards and three touchdowns, including a 73-yard score towards the end of the first quarter, Ellison has 556 yards and eight touchdowns.

On top of that, he is averaging over 10 yards per rush as well. But with the complexity of the offensive attack, everything has to be on point for the system to work.

"Everything has to go well with the triple option. It's all about timing," Ellison said. "Each person has to do their job from the backfield. It almost has to be perfect for everything to work. We sometimes make mistakes, but we go hard every play."

And that going hard mentality has brought him a level of notoriety amongst college recruiters across the country. As of today, Ellison has four offers from all of the military academes (Army, Navy, Air Force) and Utah State. It was not until late summer when Ellison started picking up a little momentum in the recruiting process.

But all of this has taught him a many of things, but one in particular.

"Recruiting is going well for me, but it's a long process. I like it though," Ellison said. "A lot of programs felt I had a good junior year, but they want to see what I am going to do my senior year. If it is what they are looking for, some have said they will offer."

Though he lines up in the fullback position at Clear Brook, Ellison is being recruited as a running back for most programs. Some of the others who are still evaluating him are Oklahoma State, Houston, Stanford and Northwestern, both of which are waiting for SAT test scores as well senior game tape.

One school that has particularly caught his attention is Georgia Tech.

"I am open to all schools, but I hope that Georgia Tech offers me," Ellison said. "I think I am a perfect fit into the offense there. I am talking to the coaching staff there a lot too. They want to keep up with me this season so we'll have to see how everything turns out."

Ellison does not have any visits planned for the moment. He wants to gauge where his interest comes from and see what programs show the interest and then he will go from there. 

"I want o make sure and pick my visits wisely," Ellison said. 

Ellison and the Wolves football team take on Dickinson this Friday.

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