HBO Features Inspiring Group: Gridiron Heroes

Feature on Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Foundation tomorrow at 9 p.m on HBO.

There's no doubt that the staff at Texas Prep Insider loves all that goes into the game of high school football, but after watching a program on a unique organization, I realized that there was much more going on that needs to be addressed.

Sure enough, no one really wants to face the harsh realties of athletes getting injured while in the field of play, but it is part of the game. 

In rare situations, high school football players get injured to the point of paralysis, a difficult circumstance to the player, parents and community fan base. Back in 2001 an athlete named Chris Canales from Schertz, Texas was doing what any high school football player would do: give his all to help his team win the game. 

The day was November 2 and though Canales did not know it, one play would change his life. While giving up his body to save a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, an injury would occur which left him paralyzed.

From that moment on many of the human emotions took place, the main one was depression. With the inspiration of his father Eddie, the two took a trip about a year later to a place Chris was all too familiar with, the gridiron. It was Class 3A Everman versus Burnet in the Division II state title game. This was a critical moment for the Canales family. 

Player Corey Albright would suffer a similar injury to Chris' on this day. And that day was a moment of clarity for Chris. After going by the hospital and offering support to the Albright family, the fraternal organization Gridiron Heroes was born. 

Because of all the great work these guys have done for athletes who suffer with these types of injuries, HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel profiles the Gridiron Heroes on his Sports Emmys® award-winning show. 

REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated profile, correspondent Jon Frankel looks at this amazing organization and the inspirational leaders behind it. The show is set to air Tuesday, November 24 at 9 p.m. CST. 

This organization works tirelessly to assist paralyzed athletes and parents cope with the realties, but also bringing about some level of normalcy in their lives. While they don't look for the numbers to grow at an alarming rate, it does feel good for those who are faced with this to know that they are not alone.

Visit the Gridiron Heroes Website for More Information

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