Brother Keeper Leader Brings Home Hardware

While we love bringing you a good portion of high school news and updates, we also want to feature some of the state's top athletes. Today, we feature linebacker Kyler Gideon from Abilene High School, which just defeated Katy in the Class 5A Division II state game. This is a free TPI feature.

It's been a long time coming for the Abilene football to reach the big stage. And best believe, that when the day came, these boys would make the most of it. Last Saturday, the Eagles capped off an undefeated season beating Katy in the Class 5A Division II state title game 28-17. 

As many know, Katy was back-to-back defending state champions, which many ball players may see as a form of pressure. But those players do not play for Abilene.

"What we did out here was the same thing we always did. We did not change a thing," Abilene linebacker Kyler Gideon said. "This is how we have been winning ball games and that is how we knew we would win this one."

For Abilene, plenty of headlines grace local and statewide publications for the Eagles' offensive weapons with the Sims boys, Herschel and Ronnell. On Saturday, it was clear that these two guys were the truth and Katy had plenty of trouble shutting the two of them down.

But it was the defense that put on a show of their own as well. Along with Gideon, linebacker Boo Barrientes and defensive back Braden Barnett all kept the hits coming all night despite giving up 314 yards to the Tigers.

"Someone makes a play and it makes you want to come back and do better, for him. Everyone does their jobs and makes their reads," Gideon said. "To make the plays, things have to fit right so that someone can make the play."

For Gideon, six tackles on the night, two of which went for losses. Though the Eagles never actually trailed in the game, Katy did show signs of life many times throughout. 

When the times were touch, Gideon went back to what has worked for them all season: Their creed.

"The Brother Keeper. That's our theme and everybody loves the man next to him and is willing to sell out for his brother," Gideon said. "I told my teammates that we have come this far and we are not going to lose. I promised them that we were not going to lose.

And the War Birds rose to the occasion.

This is incredible. I have never felt like this before and is something you only feel once in a lifetime," Gideon said. "I'm so blessed to have this moment right now."

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