Ozee Management Key in Aledo Victory

While we love bringing you a good portion of high school news and updates, we also want to feature some of the state's top athletes. Today, we feature quarterback Trey Ozee from Aledo High School, which just defeated Brenham in the Class 4A Division II state game. This is a free TPI feature.

For most of this season, Aledo quarterback Trey Ozee has just done what he has been asked to do. So whether he was the full time starter or rotating out with teammate Matthew Bishop, Ozee just continued to be a team player.

So in last Saturday's Class 4A Division II state final game against Brenham, Ozee once again stepped into the role that the coaches needed to be in. As it turned out, Ozee would be taking the snaps full time with no rotation.

But no worries as the senior quarterback and team leader did enough to aid in bringing the state title back to Aledo after a 35-21 victory at DKR-Memorial Stadium. 

"It great. Last time we had a title was 1998. We have come close so many times. This is what you work for so it's great to finally bring one back home," Ozee said. "We knew that if we came out here and executed and were fired up, we would come away with a win in this game. This team is full of leaders and we know what needed to happen for us to win this game."

Throughout the entire contest, Aledo never trailed. For Ozee, this game was a lot of managing as he utilized his team, who made many of the early plays. 

One key trait that most leaders in the quarterback position possess is the ability to take what the game gives him. And with his performance, Ozee did exactly that. With his running back Jonathan Gray slashing through the Cub defense, Ozee was able to make the plays when necessary.

"When Jonathan (Gray) starts to have success, teams are going to key on him. That opened up a lot of stuff for me," Ozee said. "That has worked for us all year and worked here again today."

On the day, Ozee was 3-of-6 for 42 yards passing and had another 78 yards and a score. And while this may not seem like eye-popping statistics, Ozee's touchdown came during a critical time in the game.

"It was a zone read and the defenders took Jonathan and I was able to step up and just make the play," Ozee said. "Everybody was blocked and all I had to do was out run everybody and get to the end zone for six points."

That play for the most part was somewhat rare seeing how the flow of the game was going.

Most of the time, Ozee would have opted to give to Gray, seeing that he had a lot of success running for 252 yards and four touchdowns, but Ozee knew when the time was right for him to make his move.

"I tell you, he (Ozee) played a great game. I would say that about 90-95 percent of the time, he made the right reads," Aledo coach Tim Buchanan said.

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