US Army Bowl: West RB Coach David Aymond

From the US Army All-American Combine, was on hand all week for the action. In the game on Saturday, the West squad left the field with a 30-14 win over the East. Afterward, the Texas High School site met with Houston area coach David Aymond, who was the West squad running back coach. Check it out.

At the US Army All-American game, was on hand for all the action and festivities all week. The weekend is capped off by the game, in which the West squad walked away victorious 30-14. For the West squad, the Houston area was well represented with players quarterback Conner Wood (Second Baptist-Texas), offensive linemen Jake Matthews (Fort Bend Elkins-Texas A&M) and Trey Hopkins (North Shore-Texas) and wide receiver DeAndrew White (North Shore-Alabama).

Also in full representation, was one of Houston area's finest coaches in North Shore's David Aymond. He was selected to be the West squad's running backs coach. In his new role on the field, Texas Prep Insider spoke with Aymond briefly after the contest.

Q and A with David Aymond
You are here in the US Army All-American Bowl as a coach on the staff. How big of an honor is this for a coach?

"I think it is really special, especially for our two players who are in the game (White and Hopkins) and our community, school and program. It's the same with me. I knew it would be a lot of work this week, and it was. With the very, very cold weather, the wind was just ripping through here. It was a busy week, but a lot of fun and we enjoyed it.

It was a great experience for me too, especially at this point in my career. It means so much to our program. I wanted to represent our program in the proper way. Im really proud of our kids, and not just the kids in the All-American Bowl, but the kids back home in our program who work so hard each and every day.

Looking at all of the duties you have to perform daily at North Shore as the head coach, how much changed as you were selected as the West running backs coach here at the USAA Bowl for the West squad?

"Well, I had to be an assistant and had to stay within the dimensions of that and at times I felt that was difficult to do. But I managed through it for the most part. The tough part is I had four great players I had to try and get in the game. Depending of formation, I had to work with a one-back set, two-back set, or in a goal line like when we faked and booted out for the first score, I had to get three backs in and do all that without head phones so you are not communicating (with no coaches in the booth). So that was a little difficult, but I got it done I guess."

We had quite a few players from the Houston area and even more so statewide, what does that say about Houston-area talent and Texas as a whole?

"I have maintained this for years, football is king in Texas. It is the state with the most players and higher quality players too. Now there are great players in California, Louisiana and Florida and they were well represented here as well as the East Coast. There were a lot of regions represented here today. But I feel partial, and rightfully so, to players in Texas and particularly in the Greater Houston area."

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