Busy December Ahead for Odogwu

Sunny Odogwu has drawn a lot of attention since he elected to take up the sport of football. At 6-8 and 300+ pounds, Odogwu really stands out in a crowd. Several college programs have shown interest in the Nigerian native and a handful have already offered. For now, Odogwu is content to wait out the process at least until his 2012 season is over.

Sunny Odogwu profile

"Coming to Hargrave has been a good experience for me," said Odogwu. "It hasn't just made me a better player or person, but it's taught me a lot about life.

"Being here away from everything else gives you a chance to think about your life. A chance to think about what you are doing and where you are going.

"This has been very good for me in all areas."

Odogwu is still relatively new to the game of football, so the step up in competition has allowed him to sharpen his skills.

"Last year was my first year to play football, so playing here has made me a lot better," said Odogwu. "We have a lot of good players here, so there is a lot of competition.

"We have players that signed with a lot of big schools, so they have a lot of ability."

The talented offensive tackle will be signing with a big school of his own later this year. Odogwu is still taking inventory before making any decisions.

"The recruiting process is really cool, but I am not really thinking about all of that," said Odogwu. "I am letting Coach (Troy) Davis worry about all of that.

"I am just staying focused on getting my eligibility and taking care of the things I need to take care of before I make the next step."

While Odogwu has only finalized plans for one official visit, he plans to take at least four during the month of December.

"I am going to Texas Tech sometime in December and I am going to Texas A&M sometime in December and I am going to Mississippi State for sure in December and I am probably going to Georgia sometime in December," explained Odogwu. "I don't know when I am going to all of them, but I know I am going to Mississippi State for sure. I know I will be going to Mississippi."

The personable Odogwu reports that he has a good idea about what he is looking for in a college experience.

"A school has to have good academics," said Odogwu. "I have to go somewhere that is serious about academics.

"I want to go somewhere that it feels like family. I want to be on a team where everybody has each others' backs.

"I want to be with coaches who treat their players well. I know they all do in some ways, but I want to be part of a family that just has that oneness.

"That is more important to me. I want to feel that oneness."

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