Fusion Football Skill Specific Odyssey

Fusion Football's inaugural trip out to Seattle from June 1st-June 3rd...

The Fusion Football Odyssey is happy to announce that we will be offering our Skill Specific Football Odyssey to your area. This extensive weekend Odyssey will be for quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends and offensive lineman. I have attached a flyer which details the dates, times, price and location. This will be Fusion Football's inaugural trip out to Seattle and we are extremely excited. Our years playing under Bill Walsh, Dick Vermeil with the "greatest show on turf", Mike Holmgren, alongside Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Henry Ellard, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Kurt Warner and Tony Gonzales has only enhanced our innate intellectual understanding of how to "own your game" on the field. For me, Chris Thomas as the wide receiver instructor, what I teach is what I have innately understood to be critical in the chess match you face as a wide receiver or tight end and in large part why I was able to sustain an 8-year career in the NFL and win a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams in 1999. We are pleased to add Steve Stanisland, offensive line instructor to our team. Steve has been in coaching for over 3 decades and has been one of the notable offensive line coaches in the county and shares the same attention to detail that we believe to be non-negotiable.


How is the Fusion Football Odyssey different? Fusion has gained a reputation as the elite skill specific training environment in and outside of Ventura County, one of the richest areas in California for talent. Per capita, Ventura County boast the most professional athletes in the state and two of the top 10 teams in the State of California (3 of the premier programs as well in Westlake, St. Bonaventure and Oaks Christian). Fusion began as an extensive off-season program for wide receivers, quarterbacks and tight ends in 2005 under the direction of Bob Gagliano and Chris Thomas who together have 20 years of NFL experience. We began with 7 athletes, 2 of whom went from obscurity to shattering records in the matter of one off-season and earning scholarships. One went from playing only 5 minutes his junior year to earning two division 1aa full ride scholarship offers. The rest was history. We now work with around 60 athletes in our off-season program and host a summer camp in Ventura County where we work with another 30-50 athletes. You can read our testimonials on our new website www.fusionfootballodyssey.com if you want to see precisely why people come to our environment. In a nutshell, it is because: we offer unprecedented intellectual knowledge when it comes to the positions we oversee. There is no other environment that pays as much attention to detail as Fusion. In addition, we focus on the psychological development of an athlete as much as the intellectual and fundamental development due to our recognition that the untapped treasure chest of performance first begins with the make-up of the mind. When our athletes understand and apply this theory, it is amazing at how fast the learning curve happens, which is why we can have an immeasurable impact on development over the course of a weekend. Our teaching method, and yes we are teachers, enables athletes to understand why, how, when, where they have to do specific things in order to achieve the highest level of success. That is engrained in them long before they ever engage in one repetition. Again, this approach has an immeasurable impact on accelerating performance. Athletes often times view competitive environments as the "way to grow" so they replace learning environments such as ours with "competitive" environments. That is a misnomer. If you have deficiencies in your game, and all athletes do, then all you are doing when immersing yourself in a competitive environment without addressing those deficiencies is setting a ceiling of performance over your head. Reinforcing inefficiencies time and time again has no value at all and is the surest way to not make significant strides.


It will be important that you RSVP for the camp by emailing me back at chris@fusionfootballclinic.com. With competition getting steeper and steeper and steeper this is a great opportunity to get a leg up in two days! Coaches, we welcome you to come out and eve's drop over the weekend to hear exactly what we are teaching. We encourage coaches to come out and take advantage of accessing our library of knowledge over the course of our weekend Odyssey. Please let us know if you are interested.


Bob and I are greatly familiar with all the camps, combines, showcases out there. This is why we can say with 100% confidence that our approach is exceptionally different regarding our ability to excite immediate strides in our athletes. I strongly encourage you to read the testimonials on our website of those who have attended either our extensive off-season program or our summer camp, or as an observing coach. I will be shocked if there is another camp out there having the type of impact communicated by those parents, coaches or kids who have taken part in the Fusion Football experience. The Fusion Football Odyssey is not about autographs, just getting as many athletes as we can, or just doing busy work. We want to prepare you for Combines, Showcases and your season so you can put your best foot forward. You only get one chance to do it right. Fusion is 100% about making sure that you develop in our Odyssey in every capacity imperative to superior performance. You will notice I am reluctant to call this experience a camp because we are distinctly different from the typical camp.


1) Discount/Referral program (a code will be offered for us to know who was referred if you are paying online via credit card):

a. if you refer 1 participant to the Odyssey, you will receive a 10% discount.

b. If you refer 2 participants to the Odyssey, you will receive a 20% discount

c. If you refer 3-4 participants to the Odyssey, you will receive a 40% discount

d. If you refer 5 participants to the Odyssey, you will receive free entry.

e. 5 athletes from any one school/program will receive a 20% discount each.

f. Siblings will receive a 20% discount each.



Space will be limited so please RSVP first by emailing me at chris@fusionfootballclinic.com while our website is being finished. If you have any questions please let me know by emailing me back. Your assistance in circulating the information would be greatly appreciated. We have a number of attendees that must be met for us to operate the Odyssey.

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