12th Annual War of the Border

Mark Morris Coach Bill Bakamus and his Monarchs are once again set to host the best high school basketball of the summer. The 12th Annual Bud Clary War of the Border Tournament is set for Saturday and Sunday, June 19th and 20th in Longview and Kelso.

Bakamus has a little pre-war on Friday night with the following schedule:

Friday, June 18th

Mark Morris

5:00 Lincoln Abes vs. Mark Morris Monarchs

6:20 Franklin Quakers vs. RA Long Lumberjacks

7:40 Bethel Braves vs. Mark Morris Monarchs

Then it is time to battle for bragging rights in the Washington versus Oregon format. Some of the best players in the Northwest will be at the War including 6-8 sophomore Kevin Love of Lake Oswego, the Tarvers, Seth and Josh, from Jesuit, Martell Webster and 6-9 sophomore Spencer Hawes from Seattle Prep, Bethel's 6-8 twin towers Brandon Moore and Alex Tiefenthaler along with PG Jordan Sutton,, Franklin's Richie Phillips, Jordan Daisy and Venoy Overton, 6-8 Brian Morris and SG Lathan Wallace from Jefferson and a bunch more. Bottom line, plenty of quality teams, future college stars and a great environment. If you want to see some good hoops, get to Longview this weekend.

Saturday, June 19th

Lower Columbia College

9:00 RA Long vs. Southridge

10:15 Eisenhower vs. Beaverton

11:30 Mark Morris vs. Jefferson

12:45 Gig Harbor vs. Tualatin

2:10 Individual Skills Competitions (Mark Morris Gym)

3:15 Bethel vs. Jesuit

Mark Morris

9:00 Seattle Prep vs. Lake Oswego

10:15 Gig Harbor vs. Westview

11:30 Bellarmine Prep vs. Grant

12:45 Lincoln vs. Beaverton

2:10 Individual Skills Competitions

3:00 Bellarmine Prep vs. Benson

Kelso Court #1

9:00 Kelso vs. Tigard

10:15 Mt. Vernon vs. Tualatin

11:30 Seattle Prep vs. Southridge

12:45 Kelso vs. Wilsonville

2:10 Individual Skills Competitions (Mark Morris Gym)

3:00 Mark Morris vs. Grant

Kelso Court #2

9:00 Lincoln vs. Clackamas

10:15 Franklin vs. Jesuit

11:30 RA Long vs. Tigard

12:45 Mt Vernon vs. Clackamas

2:10 Individual Skills Competitions (Mark Morris Gym)

3:00 Gig Harbor vs. Wilsonville

R.A. Long

9:00 Olympia vs. Wilsonville

10:15 Bethel vs. Benson

11:30 Olympia vs. Lake Oswego

12:45 Eisenhower vs. Westview

2:10 Individual Skills Competitions (Mark Morris Gym)

3:00 Franklin vs. Jefferson

Sunday, June 20th

Lower Columbia College

9:00 Lincoln vs. Westview

10:15 Bethel vs. Jefferson

11:30 Mt. Vernon vs. Westview

12:45 Olympia vs. Tigard

2:00 Columbia River vs. Southridge

Mark Morris

9:00 Eisenhower vs. Tualatin

10:15 Franklin vs. Grant

11:30 Columbia River vs. Lake Oswego

12:45 Bethel vs. Grant

2:00 Seattle Prep vs. Clackamas

Kelso Court #1

9:00 Gig Harbor vs. Clackamas

10:15 Bellarmine Prep vs. Jesuit

11:30 Lincoln vs. Tualatin

12:45 Franklin vs. Benson

Kelso Court #2

9:00 Mark Morris vs. Benson

10:15 Seattle Prep vs. Tigard

11:30 Gig Harbor vs. Beaverton

12:45 Bellarmine Prep vs. Jefferson

R.A. Long

9:00 Mt. Vernon vs. Beaverton

10:15 Olympia vs. Southridge

11:30 Eisenhower vs. Clackamas

12:45 Mark Morris vs. Jesuit

2:00 RA Long vs. Lake Oswego

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