Seattle U. Prep Summer League

The month of June puts only two thoughts into the mind of the high school basketball player: 1) "Man, there's only two weeks of school left", 2) "Time for summer league..."

That being said, the Seattle U. Summer League is in full swing once again. Redhawk head coach Joe Callero has brought 32 of the top prep teams from the Puget Sound region together to compete in four weeks of non-stop hoop.

The FadeawayJ will begin their relentless coverage of the Seattle U. League Monday June 3rd all the way through the championship game in late June. We will hit you later with our preview, but for now here is the regular season schedule:

Thursday May 30
4:00- Tyee vs. Seattle Prep
4:00- Shorewood vs. Bellevue
5:10- Edmonds-Woodway vs. Skyline
5:10- Chief Sealth vs. Lynnwood
6:20- Issaquah vs. Kentridge
6:20- Eastlake vs. Mountlake Terrace
7:30- Foss vs. Rainier Beach
7:30- Lakeside vs. Roosevelt

Monday June 3 4:00- Mercer Island vs. Seattle Lutheran
4:00- Cedar Park. vs. Newport
5:10- Nathan Hale vs. Federal Way
5:10- Evergreen vs. Interlake
6:20- Eastside Catholic vs. Lindbergh
6:20- Renton vs. Sammamish
7:30- Bainbridge vs. Bothell
7:30- O'Dea vs. Mount Si

Tuesday June 4
4:00- Eastlake vs. Issaquah
4:00- Roosevelt vs. Terrace
5:10- E-W vs. Sealth
5:10- Tyee vs. Skyline
6:20- Foss vs. Lynnwood
6:20- Sea Prep vs. Bellevue
7:30- Lakeside vs. Kentridge
7:30- Shorewood vs Beach

Wednesday June 5
4:00- E Catholic vs. Interlake
4:00- Evergreen vs. Newport
5:10- Mount Si vs. Sea Lutheran
5:10- O'Dea vs. Lindbergh
6:20- Hale vs. Sammamish
6:20- Bothell vs. Cedar Pk.
7:30- Bainbridge vs. Renton
7:30- MI vs Fed Way

Thursday June 6
4:00- Issaquah vs. Roosevelt
4:00- Tyee vs. E-W
5:10- Shorewood vs. Sea Prep
5:10- Kentridge vs. Beach
6:20- Lakeside vs. Skyline
6:20- Foss vs. Sealth
7:30- Bellevue vs. Terrace
7:30- Eastlake vs. Lynnwood

Monday June 10
4:00- Bothell vs. Renton
4:00- O'Dea vs. Interlake
5:10- Mount Si vs. Fed Way
5:10- Hale vs. Lindbergh
6:20- MI vs Cedar Pk.
6:20- Evergreen vs. Sammamish
7:30- Bainbridge vs. Sea Lutheran
7:30- E. Catholic vs. Newport

Tuesday June 11
4:00- Shorewood vs. Skyline
4:00- Bellevue vs. Roosevelt
5:10- Lakeside vs. Tyee
5:10- Eastlake vs. Sealth
6:20- E-W vs. Foss
6:20- Issaquah vs. Lynnwood
7:30- Terrace vs. Beach
7:30- Kentridge vs. Sea Prep

Wednesday June 12
4:00- Lindbergh vs. Fed Way
4:00- O'Dea vs. Newport
5:10- Hale vs. Renton
5:10- E. Catholic vs. MI
6:20- Bothell vs. Sammamish
6:20- Mount Si vs. Evergreen
7:30- Cedar Pk. vs. Bainbridge
7:30- Interlake vs. Sea Lutheran

Thursday June 13
4:00- Issaquah vs. Sealth
4:00- Terrace vs. Sea Prep
5:10- E-W vs. Lakeside
5:10- Eastlake vs. Foss
6:20- Kentridge vs. Skyline
6:20- Beach vs. Roosevelt
7:30- Bellevue vs. Lynnwood
7:30- Shorewood vs. Tyee

Monday June 17
4:00- Bothell vs. Hale
4:00- E. Catholic vs. Evergreen
5:10- MI vs. Renton
5:10- Lindbergh vs. Sammamish
6:20- Sea Lutheran vs. Newport
6:20- O'Dea vs. Cedar Pk.
7:30- Mount Si vs. Bainbridge
7:30- Fed Way vs. Interlake

Tuesday June 18
4:00- E-W vs. Eastlake
4:00- Bellevue vs Sealth
5:10- Shorewood vs. Lakeside
5:10- Issaquah vs. Foss
6:20- Kentridge vs. Tyee
6:20- Beach vs. Lynnwood
7:30- Roosevelt vs. Sea Prep
7:30- Terrace vs. Skyline
Wednesday June 19
4:00- Bothell vs. Interlake
4:00- MI vs. Hale
5:10- O'Dea vs. Evergreen
5:10- Mount Si vs. Renton
6:20- Sea Lutheran vs. Cedar Pk.
6:20- Fed Way vs. Newport
7:30- Lindbergh vs. Bainbridge
7:30- E. Catholic vs. Sammamish

Playoff schedule will follow completion of season.

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