Welcome to the New FadeawayJ.com

We're back online, welcome back to the madness...

To the followers and fans of FadeawayJ.com,

Man, what a spring so far!  With Bucky's #1 taking the Premier League and the rush of summer hoops almost upon us, I thought now was as good a time as ever to address the faithful on the state of everything going down with the FadeawayJ.

First off, I want to thank all of you that have made the FJ what it is in such a short amount of time.  When we came online December 1st (almost seven months ago, time flies…), I had no way of gauging how we would be viewed by the masses. 

Personally, I had no web designing experience, no relationships with coaches or players around the state, and journalism skills that hadn't been used since I wrote a piece about the head cafeteria cook for my school paper back in my prep days (not exactly headline gripping material…).  All I came into this with was a sincere passion to bring this game to y'all in a way I thought you would like it conveyed and presented. 

Well, once this nervous writer finished his first sit-down interview with Eastlake's Chase Griffin and Mitch Belcher for the site's first story, I knew it was on.  From there, the FJ went religiously to work every Tuesday and Friday from November through March, finding the hottest games and players from around the Puget Sound to blow up and report on.  From Everett to Enumclaw, Stanwood to Seattle Prep, Lynden to Lincoln, we were there, giving you the skinny with in-depth reports, stats, and the exclusive video highlights that you've come to expect.  And while this started off as a solo gig, the FJ picked up writers and media specialists along the way, and these cats flat out know and love the game.

That being said, I feel it's my duty to introduce you to the FJ team…

Eric Marchant (E-March): Eric is a straight up hoop head, case closed.  I didn't even know this kid until January, when he emailed me wondering if there was any way he could hook up with the site.  Well, this former baller more than stepped up to the plate: he hit a couple of journalistic homeruns with great pieces on Lyndale Burleson, Marcelus Kemp, and Nate Robinson.  Eric continually provides the FadeawayJ with in-depth articles about the state's top players, as well as insightful coverage from games.  A 1991 graduate of Marysville-Pilchuck High School, Eric is the elder member of the crew at 28 (what's up, old man?), and has a wonderful family with his wife Heather and his two sons Camron (6) and Terrin (2).

Shane Ecklund (Iceman):  Yup, Mr. Ecklund does have the finger roll worthy of the Gervin-esque nickname, and he brings that same flash to the FJ.  Simply put, my former teammate at South Puget Sound CC has the "253" hoop scene locked down.  A 1996 graduate of Wilson High School, Shane jumped on with us in February and has provided us with every ounce of hoop truth coming out of Tacoma.  At 6'7, this former small forward hasn't let repeated ankle injuries slow his enthusiasm for the game: he's written various articles and summaries for the FJ, including a special piece about the conviction and drive of Oregon State-bound Justin Holt.  At 24, Shane recently married his long time fiancé Faith, and lives happily in T-Town.

Matt Grant (The Pale Rider): The main photographer and video technician for the FJ, Matty never misses a vital hoop highlight (except for that vicious Kellen Williams yak at the King Holiday Hoopfest, but we let that one slide:).  A '97 grad of Kamiak whose currently doing his thing at Shoreline, Grant (23 years old) has been on board with us since early December, and consistently provides y'all with the video that makes you go bananas.  On the court, don't let the knee brace fool ya:  with crazy range, this 6'5 gunner is no joke.

Alrighty, now that you know the crew, it's back to the business at hand: the future of the FadeawayJ.  After much consultation with the crew and others in the Washington basketball fraternity, we have taken a huge step in what we feel is an amazingly positive direction.  As of May 30th, 2002, we have joined forces with national media powerhouse "theinsiders.com", becoming their primary site covering Washington prep basketball. 

What is "The Insiders"?  Well, it's national network of sport sites dedicated to the extensive coverage of professional, college, and high school basketball and football.

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