Future Zag Adam Morrison talks Hoops

Adam lead the GSL in scoring last year, edging out future Gonzaga team mate Sean Mallon. At 6'6", Morrison will give the Zags flexibility at shooting guard and small forward. Another son of a coach, Adam has all the ingredients to be a classic blue collar, no nonsense Zag.

Like Sean Mallon, like David Pendergraft, Mead High School star Adam Morrison has wanted to be a Gonzaga Bulldog for quite some time. The fact that he broke the all-time single season scoring record in the Greater Spokane League and has a diligent and disciplined work ethic that includes managing Type-1 diabetes, and his achievements became too much for Coach Few to pass up. Add to this an attitude that is positive and determined and complimentary in glowing terms of his future team mates (raving about Cory Violette, Ronny Turiaf, Tyler Amaya and others) and coaches, and it's an ideal fit.

Adam said he'll even be joining forces with Pendergraft at the Nike All-American Camp to help recruit players there that Gonzaga is pursuing.

Just how good is Adam? He's been hooping it up ever since he was two years old when his dad coached at the junior college level and would take Adam to practices along with his little plastic basketball hoop and undersized ball. As a coach's son, his basketball IQ is high. His Mead Panther team lost both games at 2002 state but Adam still impressed enough to earn all-tournament team.

Zags Hoops' Dawn Clift caught up with Adam for a little chat.

DC: Why Gonzaga, why make a decision so early, and where else were you recruited?

AM: I chose Gonzaga University for a number of reasons... Coaching staff, style of play, close to home, NCAA tournaments, and a great school to get an education. I made my decision early to just get it out of the way and not have to go through all of the recruiting crap this summer. Wyoming, Eastern Washington, WSU, UCSB, Portland, Oregon State, Washington, and some small schools were interested.

DC: Have you played with Sean Mallon, do you two have a connection at all, etc?

AM: I have played with Sean down at Gonzaga in pickup games but not organized ball.

DC: What are your plans for the summer, camps etc. And things not basketball related?

AM: My plans are Nike All-America Camp, Vegas Big Time, Thefinalscore.tv Tourney, LA Big Time, and whatever Mead summer league tourneys we are in.

DC: How do you follow a season like your last, what are your individual/team goals for next season?

AM: Team goals this year are to go to state and win it. We [Mead] will have a great team next year with 7 returners so we should be tough. individual - play tough and the rest will take care of itself.

DC: What things do you have to improve on before playing at Gonzaga?

AM: I have to improve my strength, quickness, ball handling, basically my whole game needs work to perform well at the college level.

DC: What does your dad usually say to you after a game, stats, etc.

AM: My father usually just tells me what I need to do better and what I did good.

DC: How do you intend to stay up for next season after already knowing you are going on to the next level?

AM: The motivation for me and my teammates is a state championship. That is what the driving force is for me and my teammates.

DC: What do you do other than basketball to unwind?

AM: Listen to music. Watch TV. The usual.

DC: What was last year's state experience like?

AM: Last year's state experience was fun and joyous but the fact that we went two and out still leaves a sour taste in your mouth. That is one of the motivational factors for me, is the embarassment of going two and out.

DC: What do you see college basketball doing for you?

AM: I don't know what I want to major in yet but I would like to coach some day if it is possible.

DC: Why Larry Bird?

AM: Good question. I get that a lot, you know, why not MJ or Shaq, but the fact that a slow, tall, ugly-looking dude form French Lick, Indiana, can still play the game of basketball and play it well just blows my mind. Also, I consider him the best team player the NBA has ever seen. He sacrificed individual glory for the benefit of his teammates.

Adam carries a 3.5 GPA, has styled his shooting form after Larry Bird for a high release that is nearly impossible to block (Tyler Amaya said he can barely get a finger on Adam's shot, and then only once in awhile when he times it just perfectly). Stay updated on Adam's summer on the Zags Hoops message board.

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