The Northwest Summer Pro League

Back in '97, Jamal Crawford was an unknown baller looking for respect from anyone who'd pay attention to his mad handles. So he tryed out for the NW Summer Pro League, made a team, and quickly started to etch out the story of Seattle's newest basketball star. Five years later, the Chicago Bull PG still gets his burn from Washington's only Pro-Am league alongside the top players the NW has to offer. Who's the next prepster to make a name for himself? It could be you...

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The top players in the Pacific Northwest are preppin' their games and getting ready for a summer of serious hoops.  What's going on?  Well, The NW Summer Pro League starts up July 5th at Bellevue Community College.  There will be two open runs June 15th & 22nd so coaches can evaluate the talent level and make their "wish lists" for the upcoming league draft that will be held June 29th-30th. 

The coaches running the squads are looking for players who not only want to run with the likes of Jamal Crawford, Jerome Kersey, and Doug Christie, but want to bring their games to that level. Graduating seniors who have or have not signed letters of intent are 100% eligible to play in the league and are not in jeopardy of violating NCAA, NWAAC, or NAIA rules. Other high school athletes who will be seniors in 2003 will be admitted to the league if they can hang. 

But don't fool yourself, not everyone is good enough. This league is for the best players in the Puget Sound and only six teams will be made. Over 100 players' names are already entered in the draft. Are you good enough? Can you ball with the best? NBA, Former D-1's and the best high school talent in the NW; You could be part of that mix.

The first tryout is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Klahanee Lake Community Center (located at 33701 9th St. in Federal Way). If drafted, the cost of the league is $100.  For league information, call 253-838-4606. Or, if you plan on making it to the tryouts and want to add your name to the draft list, email the FJ crew at

NW Summer Pro-League

"Potential Draftee's Roster"

The following players have made themselves eligible for the upcoming league draft, which will be broadcasted live from June 29th & 30th:

  1. Ahnel Butler
  2. Justin Murray
  3. Cedric Clark
  4. Michael Johnson
  5. Andre Winston
  6. J.D. Huelin
  7. Joe Jackson
  8. Hugh Stevens
  9. Bryan Parker
  10. Sonjay Noreiga
  11. Brent Merritt
  12. Brent Williams
  13. Kevin Francewar
  14. Trevor Tillman
  15. Mike Nowell
  16. Eric Sandrin
  17. Marco Quinto
  18. Jamie Booker
  19. Mike Ross
  20. Joe Eyers
  21. Mark McGhee
  22. David Dixon
  23. Rozell Ellis
  24. Damon Williams
  25. Jackie Jones
  26. Lenard Jones
  27. Lafell McGilvery
  28. Reggie Paul
  29. Reggie Ball
  30. Milton Wright
  31. Lavell Brown
  32. Lucious Brown
  33. Marlon Bailey
  34. Travis Dequire
  35. Roy Fisher
  36. Tyson Hunter
  37. Andre Lang
  38. Kenny Bush
  39. Warren King
  40. Robert Preston
  41. Ruben Kizer
  42. Darrel Lewis
  43. Clint Lomax
  44. Craig Looney
  45. Donald Watts
  46. Dion Brown
  47. Mookie Hardy
  48. Peter Perez
  49. Corey Lewis
  50. Donte Quinn
  51. Melvin Steward
  52. Tywain Still
  53. Jason Thomas
  54. Tracy Thomas
  55. Brian Hanson
  56. Darryl Walker
  57. Chris Harris
  58. Lodrick Stewart
  59. Rodrick Stewart
  60. Chris Wilcox
  61. Josh McMillan
  62. Atene Robinson
  63. Tony Harris
  64. Tyrone Pollard
  65. Bill Elleby
  66. Justin White
  67. Rico Rowe
  68. Sunri Nichols
  69. Andre Stewart
  70. Lorenzo Wallace
  71. Antwain Williams
  72. Donte Harris
  73. Michael Johnson
  74. Grant Leep
  75. Marlon Bailey
  76. Antwain Jones
  77. Jerome Jacobs
  78. Brian Dennis
  79. Terrance King
  80. Darnell Taylor
  81. Mike Thompson
  82. Robert Bishop
  83. Harlan Hartman
  84. Chris Hyppa
  85. Lorenzo Rollins
  86. Anthony Lewis
  87. Raymond Butler
  88. Deforest Phelps
  89. Jason Gormey
  90. Brian Scalabrine
  91. Eldridge Recasner
  92. Sean Hammond
  93. Bruce Williams
  94. RJ Barsh
  95. Demetrius Crosby
  96. Kenny Wyatt II
  97. Muta Ali

League Coaches 

Randy Redwine

Ed Haskins

Chester Giles

Derrick Elliot

Bryan Brown

Fred Brown Jr.

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