It's War of the Border time

For my money the absolute best high school basketball event of the summer in the Northwest is the War of the Border hosted by Coach Bill Bakamus of Mark Morris High School in Longview. The 14th annual event, featuring a ton of high school basketball squads from both sides of the Columbia River will be played June 17th and 18th at four sites in Cowlitz County.

This year, as is usually the case, numerous future Division-1 players will be playing. Among the 2006 field are players like Lake Oswego's 6-9 super stud Kevin Love and 2008 big man Andy Poling of Westview. Benson Tech, Jesuit and Jefferson of Portland seem to always have D-1 talent on their squads. And for those who would like to attend a clinic on fundamental basketball played at its finest, do not miss Jesuit.

Among the D-1 recruits from Washington who will be playing are Franklin's pair of talented guards, Venoy Overton and Peyton Siva (2009) as well as Gig Harbor human highlight film Clarence Trent (Gig Harbor) as well as hot shooting 6-2 guard Matt Argyropoulos (Mark Morris), a 3A State tournament first team pick back in March.

The format is simple, Oregon teams against Washington teams. Coach Bakamus employs a tier system teams playing opponents closest to their own talent level to avoid blowouts and keep the event as competitive as possible.

And to add to the fun, Bakamus has all the teams come to Mark Morris from all the sites on Saturday afternoon for an individual skills competition including three-point, buzzer-beater and free throw contests.

If you want to attend a great high school basketball event this is the one you should hit. Granted it is not select/AAU basketball with squads loaded in D-1 talent, but for those who do not relish watching the individual aspects of that particular brand of hoops and prefer watching good "team" basketball, get your tails to Longview.

In this event you have the Washington Class 4A and 3A defending state champs in Franklin and Seattle Prep. Lake Oswego won the Oregon 4A state title while Jefferson and Jesuit advanced to the 4A state semifinals. Westview and Benson also finished in the top six at the 4A state tournament, giving the War five of Oregon's top six 2006 4A squads.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

@Mark Morris

10:00 Tigard vs. Mark Morris

11:15 Westview vs. Gig Harbor

12:30 Hillsboro vs. Mark Morris

1:45 Jefferson vs. Gig Harbor

3:15 Wilsonville vs. WF West

4:30 Individual Competitions

5:40 Mt. View vs. Franklin

@Lower Columbia

10:00 Benson vs. Franklin

11:15 Mt. View vs. Seattle Prep

12:30 Jesuit vs. Olympia

1:45 Lake Oswego vs. Bellarmine Prep

3:15 Beaverton vs. Lincoln

5:40 Scappoose vs. W F West

@R.A. Long

10:00 Hillsboro vs. Olympia

11:15 Lake Oswego vs. Mt. Vernon

12:30 Benson vs. Bethel

1:45 Westview vs. Seattle Prep

3:15 Scappoose vs. RA Long

5:40 Wilsonville vs. RA Long

@Kelso Court #1

10:00 Jesuit vs. Bethel

11:15 Jefferson vs. Bellarmine Prep

12:30 Tigard vs. Franklin

1:45 Mt. View vs. Mt. Vernon

3:15 Tualatin vs. Kelso

5:40 Beaverton vs. Kelso

@Kelso Court #2 & #3

12:30 Wilsonville vs. Lincoln

3:15 Lake Oswego vs. Bethel

5:40 Tualatin vs. Lincoln

Schedule for Sunday, June 18, 2006

@Mark Morris

10:00 Mt. View vs Bellarmine Prep

11:15 Jesuit vs Mark Morris

12:30 Tualitin vs WF West

1:45 Benson vs Mark Morris

@Lower Columbia

10:00 Westview vs Mt Vernon

11:15 Benson vs Olympia

12:30 Jefferson vs Mt Vernon

1:45 Hillsboro vs Bethel

3:00 Westview vs Lincoln

@R.A. Long

10:00 Tualitin vs RA Long

11:15 Hillsboro vs Franklin

12:30 Lake Oswego vs Seattle Prep

1:45 Beaverton vs RA Long

@Kelso Court #1

10:00 Jefferson vs Seattle Prep

11:15 Tigard vs Bethel

12:30 Westview vs Bellarmine Prep

1:45 Jesuit vs Franklin

@Kelso Court #2

10:00 Scappoose vs. Kelso ct #2

10:00 Lake Oswego vs. Gig Harbor ct #3

11:15 Beaverton vs. WF West

12:30 Scappoose vs. Lincoln ct #2

12:30 Mt. View vs. Gig Harbor ct #3

1:45 Tigard vs. Olympia

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