Friday Night Gridiron Star: Senio Kelemete

Far too often in the world of football, there is a group of players that are overlooked. When teams put up large numbers on the offensive side of the ball, or dominates their opponent's on defense, praise is given to the skill position before those in the trenches. At Highline Stadium last night, it was not easy to overlook Senio Kelemete.

University of Washington bound Senio Kelemete was a dominating force on both sides of the ball on Friday night, leading the Wolverines to a 52-24 win over ninth ranked Kennedy.

On defense, Kelemete was absolutely dominating in the first half. Rotating between defensive end and middle linebacker, Kelemete often roamed free in the Kennedy backfield. The Evergreen defense suffocated the Kennedy Wing T offense for the first two quarters, in part thanks to Kelemete's performance. He had double digit tackles in the first half to go along with five tackles for loss, and two sacks.

Although Kennedy ran away from his side in the second half, Kelemete was just as impressive on offense.

Throughout the game, Evergreen was devastating in the ground game. Kyle Tunney, a senior running back, ran for 200 yards on 13 attempts and scored three touchdowns. Time and time again, Tunney would run to Kelemete's side of the field, usually through huge holes.

Another player who benefited from Kelemete's blocking was Evergreen running back Nuve Kongaika. Kongaika rushed for 184 yards on 14 carries and three touchdowns. Eighty five of those yards came on one run to Kelemete's side last in the first half. Kongaika took a handoff on the right side, saw that Kelemete had completely sealed off his defender, and scampered through the gaping hole down the sideline. Three plays later, Kongaika finished the drive with a touchdown right before half time.

Overall, Kelemete was the brightest star to play at Highline Stadium on Friday night, helping to lead his team to victory. His performance on both sides of the ball made Kelemete this week's Friday night gridiron star.

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