Playoff Predictions: KingCo

This is a big conference. Unlike the rest of the state the KingCo plays true seeding games, props to them for doing so. But, it makes picking the results even harder. Here is my best guess…

Here is how the KingCo works… The top teams from each division play each other for the 1 & 2 seeds. The 3rd place teams from each side play the fourth place teams from the other for the final spots. Leaving four teams headed to the playoff round of 32.

Skyline (3-0)
Your guess is as good as mine in the showdown with Bothell. In my opinion they are the two best teams in the state. Winner gains respect, but a state semifinal rematch is in the works.

Bothell (3-0)
I gave the edge to Skyline because you can't pick against a team that has won 30 straight games against teams from Washington. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see Bothell win.

Issaquah (3-0)
I think Issaquah beats Woodinville in a winner in game. I think they are the third best team in the conference and can make a playoff run again, maybe not to the final like last year. But a few tournament wins.

Inglemoor (3-0)
I don't know how to feel about Inglemoor, not sure how good they are. I am sure they will get second on their side however. A loss to Bothell and a win over Lake Washington will lock up the spot. They would then get Newport/Eastlake in the crossover game, I think they beat them and lock up a spot.

On the Fence:
Woodinville (3-2)
I think Woodinville claws back to earn a spot in the KingCo crossover. But that is where their story ends; I don't think they can top Issaquah.

Newport (2-1)
Newport has the tiebreaker over Redmond. So even if they lose out, Redmond should lose to Skyline leaving them tied, Newport advances. If Eastlake wins out and Newport loses out then they could get jumped.

Lake Washington (1-1)
I think losses to Woodinville and Inglemoor will sink the Kangaroos playoff hopes.

Eastlake (0-3)
Needs to win out and have Newport lose out to sneak in. I think that might happen.

Roosevelt, Ballard, Garfield, Redmond

Final Seeding Predictions:
1. Skyline
2. Bothell
3. Issaquah
4. Inglemoor (Really thought about Eastlake here in a shocking comeback)

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