Playoff Predictions: GSHL

The GSHL has six teams fighting for only two playoff spots. This league likely won't be decided until the final week…


On the Fence:
Skyview (2-0)
I think Skyview wins out. By beating Kelso and everyone else on the rest of their schedule they lock up the one seed.

Kelso (2-0)
Kelso is tied for the league lead right now but I see them losing to Skyview. That loss moves them to the two seed. Each of these four teams controls their own destiny, so much is yet to be seen.

Evergreen (1-1)
Evergreen has a tough run yet. The game with Skyview is their toughest. If they can get a win there, they might run the table.

Heritage (1-1)
Heritage has a tough road ahead. They face the two teams tied for the lead in the conference as well as Mountain View. Realistically they probably need to win out to have a chance.

Moutain View, Battle Ground

Final Seeding Predictions:
1. Skyview
2. Kelso

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