Playoff Predictions: Narrows

The Narrows league is far from settled. With three weeks remaining only 2 of 5 playoff spots have been claimed. Should be an exciting finish to the season...

South Kitsap (5-0)
South Kitsap has separated themselves from the rest of the conference. They are the top team and will take the #1 seed to the district crossover.

Olympia (4-1)
Olympia should cruise to the #2 seed. Their good defense should allow them to be in any playoff game.

On the Fence:
Gig Harbor (3-2)
I think Gig Harbor wins out. They beat Central Kitsap earlier this season and hold the tiebreaker over them.

Central Kitsap (3-2)
CK wins out and should be tied with Gig Harbor for the 3rd seed. A loss to GH earlier in the year drops them to the 4th seed.

Wilson (4-1)
I think Wilson falls to both CK and GH. The losses allow both teams to pass them in the playoff seeding. However, they did enough early in the season to hang onto a playoff berth.

Bellarmine Prep (2-3)
Bellarmine is still in the hunt for a playoff spot. I think they need to win out to make the playoffs; the problem is they still have Olympia on the schedule.

Henry Foss (3-3)
Foss needs to beat Bellarmine this week to give themselves a shot to make the playoffs. Realistically they need to win both remaining games. Like BP, they still have Olympia who should crush any playoff hopes.

Stadium, Lincoln, Shelton, Mt. Tahoma

Final Seeding Predictions:
1. South Kitsap
2. Olympia
3. Gig Harbor
4. Central Kitsap
5. Wilson

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