ESP Interview: Trey Wheeler

ESP catches up with Liberty Quarterback and 2011 prospect Trey Wheeler…

Trey Wheeler is one of the top gunslingers in the state of Washington. He is one of the brightest players I have interviewed and gives ESP some insight into the Patriots season and his development as a quarterback…

Where are you at right now as far as height and weight?
6'1" and 185 lbs. I'm just trying to maintain my weight throughout the year. I would like to add on some weight throughout the offseason.

What are your thoughts on the Bellevue game this week?
The team had a great week of practice. I think the coaches have a great plan and worked us really hard this off-season. For most of us this is another chance to play Bellevue who beat us twice last season. If we execute like we can then we should be fine.

What do you think has made your team so successful this season?
Believing that we would be successful, even through offseason and workouts. Everybody worked harder than ever before. The coaches pushed us harder than they ever have before.

What has made you so successful this season, what have you added to your game?
I think the schemes of our passing game has helped. The coaches devoted extra time to the passing game and to me. We also have great wide receivers and running backs. We have a better balance this season so the defense doesn't know what to expect.

Have you been hearing from any schools?
I have been receiving the standard letters from some schools. Specifically Oregon St., Stanford, Utah, and Washington

Is there a specific school you are really interested in?
I'm really open minded. I grew up on the east coast; I was actually a Tar Heel fan. I haven't spoken to their coaches at all. I am really open to hearing from any school where I can get a good education. I love the Northwest and where I am living now.

How are you as far as GPA? Have you taken the SAT?
My cumulative GPA is a 3.7, I had a 3.93 in my last quarter. I have taken SAT and ACT, I was happy with scores on both but will probably take them again this year.

What are some areas where you think that your game can improve?
Like any quarterback I always aspire to have a stronger arm, that is something you can always work on. Along the same line, accuracy can always get better too. I think my decision making on when to run instead of force a pass and of course, footwork.

Do you know of any camps or combines you will be attending this off-season?
Not yet, I went to Washington and Oregon St. last season, so I assume I'll do both again. Since the 6th grade I have worked with Darin Slack. He does more work on the upper half of a quarterback than anyone else I have worked with. He taught me basic mechanics and footwork. I worked with Jason Gesser this past year and went to the Barton Camps as well.

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