Falcons offer McKernan

Air Force extends and offer to Kent (Wash.) Kentridge athlete Cameron McKernan…

Kent (Wash.) Kentridge athlete Cameron McKernan picked up his first offer months ago from Eastern Washington University. Yesterday, Air Force stopped by deliver his second offer…

How did you hear about the offer from Air Force?
"They stopped bye and talked to me, I had talked with them a few times on the phone but was shocked by the offer. Coach Anthony Sampson came by the school and we talked for a half an hour… then he offered. I had a lot of emotions running through me because it was my first D-I offer."

How much do you know about Air Force?
"Honestly, not much before they stopped bye. I really had no idea of how things worked, but now I'm more interested."

Do you see the military service as a positive or a negative?
"It's not really a positive or a negative…"

Did you talk about making a visit?
"I will probably try for a visit during the season or an unofficial visit during the summer."

What position are they looking for you to play?
"They want me to play running back, they watched my film and like me there."

Are you planning on waiting to make a decision or do you want to decide early?
"I want to wait to make a decision until all the options are in front of me. I would say the start of my season at the earliest, probably after the season."

You mentioned you have been on some visits lately, what other schools did you check out?
"I have visited WSU, UW, Stanford, Oregon, Idaho, and Oregon State. Idaho was junior day and my dad went to Oregon so that was fun."

Do you think any of them are close to offering? Did any of them stick out?
"I think because I was hurt last year some are waiting to offer until they can see me at their camps, combines, or during the season. I don't really have a favorite; I am staying neutral on the schools. I would like to play in the PAC-10 though; I grew up watching that so it would be cool."

Do have any camps on your schedule right now?
"A lot, I will be going to WSU, UW, Oregon, Oregon State, Idaho, and Boise State. I think the Barton camps as well…"

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