ESP Interview: Thomas Vincent

Shoreline (Wash.) Kings quarterback Thomas Vincent filled in ESP on his busy summer schedule…

What have you been up to this spring, camps and visits?
I haven't attended any school camps yet. I did visit Eastern Washington and Washington State on my own dime, other than that I work with Barton training every week.

How has the training been going? How do you think you have improved the most?
It has been going really well. I think that I have really improved my footwork… my 3 and 5 steps drops and staying balanced as I drop back.

What camps do you have on the schedule right now?
I am going to the camps at Oregon State, Hawaii, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Boise State, WSU, UW, and UCLA.

Which schools have been showing you the most interest?
I talk with Coach Mills (Washington) quite a bit and then probably Eastern or Boise State. Harvard is also really interested…

You play quarterback but have the athleticism to play many positions, what position are most of the schools recruiting you for?
Most of them at quarterback… Yale wanted me as an athlete but I couldn't attend their team camp so that ended it with them. But most of them want me to play quarterback.

Position wise, is it a big deal where a school wants to play you?
I would prefer to come in as a QB, but when it comes down to it I just want to play football. So even if I come in as a QB and end up somewhere else that is fine.

Is there a dream school or one school you would really like to offer?
Right now I would say Washington, Oregon State, or Boise State. I would love to get an offer from any of them.

How do you feel about your upcoming senior season, how does the team look?
We lost a few of the key lineman from last year and we will have some players that will look to step up. We are returning all of our receivers except one and the starting running back so I think we will be good. If our line can come together quickly, then I think we could be great.

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