2014 Intro: Gaelin Elmore

Meet Somerset (Wisc.) High's big, physical junior tight end Gaelin Elmore, who is getting a couple of BCS looks.

This season was a successful one for Somerset High and their big, 6'5, 235-lb tight end Gaelin Elmore.

"For the team, we won state and I started both ways for the first time in three years," Elmore said, "which, I played offense since my freshman year."

Passes don't come Elmore's way too often but he is happy to be able to hit and help his team win in any way possible.

"We're not a big passing team. We run the ball a lot. We're a triple option team. We don't throw the ball that often, which I'm fine with. I like to get in front and block people. It was a big step this year for me to handle guys bigger than me."

The adjustment to defense went well also, and by the end of the year, Elmore was enjoying that side of the ball.

"Late in the season, I started to switch off with another guy every other series. I felt like I needed to be 100% for offense, defensively, it was fun. I played middle linebacker and next year, I'll probably move to defensive end. It was a big adjustment at first having to adjust to the speed and all that, but it was a fun year."

Right now, it is early still, but colleges have begun to find out about the big bodied prospect.

"Recently I got contacted by Stanford. They called my coach and asked for my film and I've had three or four letters from the Badgers. It's a lot of Midwest schools. Stanford is really the only one outside the Midwest I've had interest from. This past summer, I did a few camps. I did North Dakota State, South Dakota and I also did Illinois State, but this upcoming summer, I'll look to do a lot bigger camps, like Big Ten schools."

And although his first stint on defense went well, Elmore will look to a more familiar position come camps and college.

"As of right now I'm getting all my looks as a tight end."

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