Video: Ryobi AirStrike Brad Nailer

The difference between pro-quality work and amateur hour often comes down to the tools. If you've ever dented a project with a missed hammer blow, then you'll love using a nail gun.

Not only are nail guns faster and easier to use than a hammer, a nail gun also won't smash your thumb. Of all the different types of nail guns that are available, I think the brad nailer is the most versatile for most homeowners and DIYers. You can use it to install trim molding or assemble woodworking projects.

So why don't more people own brad nailers? My guess is that most of the people that could benefit from owning a nail gun either think they must also purchase an air compressor (too much expense) or they are intimidated by nail guns, or both. The tool I used in the latest episode of We Tried It may change their minds.

The new Ryobi 18-Volt One+ 18-gauge Cordless Brad Nailer has all the features you'd expect to find on the best pneumatic nail guns, but it runs off of an 18 volt battery, so you're not tied to a hose and compressor and the AirStrike technology doesn't require any special air or gas cartridges. In addition to the typical nail gun features, the Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer has a few features you might not expect, such as LED lights and a low nail indicator.

The only strikes I have against this nailer are that the additional weight of the battery makes it heavier than a pneumatic nailer and a battery and charger are not included. It's currently available at Home Depot for $129. At that price this tool should be especially appealing to anyone that already owns any of the Ryobi ONE+ tools and batteries.