Video: AutoRight Headlight Restoration

Headlight lenses take a lot of abuse--ultraviolet rays, road debris and road chemicals leave them looking cloudy and yellow. The good news is that there are now several DIY kits available that claim to clear up headlights. I recently tried the AutoRight Headlight Restoration Kit ($19.99).

The AutoRight Headlight Restoration Kit includes everything you need to restore two headlight lenses and the process was surprisingly simple. You mask around the lens with painter's tape or electrical tape to protect the surrounding paint. Then sand off the layers of oxidized plastic with three grits of sandpaper (400, 800 and 1500). Next, use a cotton polishing pad and polishing compound to remove the haze left by the sanding. Finally, wipe the lens clean and apply a UV blocker/sealant.

It's important to note that this kit is meant to be used with the 4-in. AutoRight detail polisher which retails for $49. So, if you don't already have a 4-in. buffing tool, then you will need to take this added expense into consideration. Other comparable headlight cleaning kits cost around $20 and require manual sanding. The advantage of using this kit and the powered polisher is that makes the job much faster and easier – plus I can use it for other buffing and polishing jobs.