Metal Fire Bowl Project Plans

This portable fire bowl metalworking project is easy to build with just a few tools, a welder and steel stock that's available at most hardware stores. We'll show you how to create a wooden assembly jig from 2x4 scraps that will greatly simplify construction.

In fact, building this fire bowl is so simple that even a caveman could do it — if only he had access to a welder.

Since the dawn of mankind, one of the ways our early ancestors shared a sense of community and relaxed after a hard day of hunting and gathering was to sit around a crackling fire. Though it's no longer necessary to our survival, a communal fire can add an inviting atmosphere to modern outdoor entertaining.

Backyard Fire Bowl Safety Precautions
Working safely and using the fire bowl in a responsible manner will reduce your chances of an accident or injury. Be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear and clothing for welding and metalworking. Clothing should be made of fire-retardant cotton or wool, never synthetics, which can melt. Always wear a helmet when welding and a full face shield when grinding. Also wear leather welding gloves to protect against burns. Of course, you should always work in a well-ventilated area.

Most communities have rules that regulate recreational fires. Typically, fires can be no more than 3 ft. dia. and should be at least 25 ft. from any structure. Check with you local codes authority to be sure you're in compliance. Finally, burn only cut firewood – never burn construction scraps, particularly any pressure-treated wood.

Cutting List:

A4Bowl sides24 x 12 in. (see drawing)
B4Bowl-cradle pieces1 x 1 x 18 in.
C4Legs1 x 1 x 11 in.
D4Horizontal supports3/4 x 3/4 x 16 in.
E1Ash grate6-3/8 x 6-3/8 in.

Shopping List (all items are steel)
24-in.-sq. sheets of 14-gauge diamond-tread plate (2)
3-ft. lengths of 1-in. hollow square tube (4)
3-ft. lengths of 3/4-in. hollow square tube (2)
12-in.-sq. sheet of 3/4-in. expanded metal mesh (1)