Lights, Action, PAINT!

I've always been a little jealous of movie critics for their opportunities to watch new films before the rest of us. They tease with hints at plots and partial highlights inciting my need to see this cinematic masterpiece, which only moments before was not even on my radar! Well, at long last I get to be the previewer of coming attractions on on of my favorite topics: paint.

The story opens with the folks at Behr Process Corporation offering an opportunity to try out their newest coating, Marquee Interior Paint & Primer. (The brand's prequel, Marquee Exterior is in full release and available in THD – The Home Depot -- stores nationwide.) I knew of some walls that needed a facelift, so the stage was set.

These walls had recently been painted, so all they really needed was some living color to add a bit of drama against the white trim.

Donned in painter pants, an old T-shirt and my critics' cap, I set off to objectively analyze Marquee's performance. After masking the trim and shielding the floor (on the chance that this paint would spatter and drip), I popped the lid and gave the contents a stir. "Hmmm, not the thickest paint I've used. Good thing I covered everything," I thought.

In an unexpected twist, I found the creamy coating's viscosity to be just right. I brushed and rolled the walls, making note of the "feel" and coverage. (You know how some paints drag the bristles, almost as if it contains honey? Not this one!) Marquee is very cooperative: The brush glided along, and the paint leveled out just like it should. And the low-VOC level gets a five-star rating from my highly perceptive nose. Two thumbs (and one nose) up!

Behr's Marquee Paint & Primer went on like butta' and stayed right on the mark. The entire room required less than a gallon. I give it an R-rating (for remarkable)!

How does this thriller end? Let's cut to the chase: The 12 x 18-ft. room was finished in four hours (from set-up to cleaned tools) – by one person (me) and most noteworthy, in one coat. And it's worth adding that I never break down the set after one coat. But this time (other than one small patch where I apparently missed a pass with the roller, and a few cut-ins that needed touchups) there was no reason for another take. It's a wrap, folks!

This finished film of Marquee is picture perfect. (Does that make me a "film" critic, after all?)

NOW showing in select Home Depot stores and available at Soon to be in wide release at The Home Depot near you this September at a suggested retail price of $45.98 to $48.98 per gallon. Choose from 372 stellar colors.

Disclosure: No drips or spatters were detected during the application of this film.