Video: Mixing Mate Paint Can Lid

The Mixing Mate paint can lid is a multifunctional lid that makes it easier to mix, pour and store finishes. Check out our review of this new painting product.

The Mixing Mate is available in quart-sized ($14.99) and gallon-sized ($19.99) versions. Both sizes securely attach to paint and other finish cans with twisting cam locks. Once attached, it was easy to gently and quickly mix my paint (or any other finish) by simply cranking the handle that turns the large auger-style mixing paddle. The Mixing Mate also features a pour spout that opens and closes with a spring-loaded cover - just like the syrup dispensers at a pancake house.

The final feature worth noting is that you can leave Mixing Mate attached to the can for long-term storage. I love the idea of leaving the lid on so that it's easy to mix and use the paint again, but considering the price, I think I would opt to remove it after each use and reuse the lid on multiple cans. Cleaning the latex paint from the inside surfaces of the Mixing Mate was easy (much easier than cleaning it off of myself).

Watch the We Tried It video review of the Mixing Mate: