Video: Franklin ProSensor 710

Have you ever had a framed picture, mirror, or even worse, a cabinet fall off of the wall because it wasn't properly anchored?

Finding a concealed stud in a wall or joist in a ceiling is a critical skill that every DIYer must know. Finding the center of framing that is hidden behind drywall or plaster is the first step in many home remodeling and decorating projects, including hanging wall cabinets, hanging framed art or a mirror, installing a wall shelf, or installing a ceiling fixture.

Unless you're willing to knock additional holes in your wall or ceiling, a stud finder is the best way to determine the location of wall or ceiling framing. Unfortunately, most stud finders are fussy to use and unreliable. That's why we tested the Franklin ProSensor 710 stud finder. It features a simple line of LED lights that are easy to read and show you exactly where the stud is located. We liked it so much, it earned a HANDY Innovation Award.

Check out the episode of We Tried It featuring the Franklin ProSensor 710: