Video: Mr. Beams Indoor Wireless Slim Light

I often have to get up before my wife does. I don't want to wake her up, so that means getting dressed in the dark. Which sometimes means I show up looking like I, well, got dressed in the dark. My worst experience due to the lack of light in my closet came at a recent golf event.

How bad could I look? Watch this episode of We Tried It and you'll see.

But that's all changed since I installed a Mr. Beams Indoor Wireless Slim Light (set of 2 for $29.99) in my clothes closet. This little light can be mounted just about anywhere you need a lot of light without a lot of hassle — under cabinets, your workshop, wherever. No wiring!

Installation amounts to removing the back panel and screwing it to the wall or cabinet using the provided screws. Then slide the unit into place. Or you can use the two-sided sticky pads included.

The Indoor Wireless Slim Light runs on four AA batteries, is motion-activated and stays lit either 20 or 60 seconds — your choice.