Deck and Patio Revival

When your wood deck or concrete patio becomes old and worn (or you just crave a new look), you don't necessarily need to tear down and rebuild. It's easier and much less expensive to rescue the surface. Here's how the latest finishing products can fix common problems and give your outdoor-living spaces fresh appeal.

Problem: My deck is fairly new and in good condition, but I dread maintenance. I don't want refinish it every few years.
Solution: Rust-Oleum Restore 4x
Restore 4x is designed to refinish decks with little to no cosmetic problems and to provide a long-lasting, maintenance-free coating for many years. Easily applied with a roller, it seals hairline cracks in the wood and creates a smooth surface that feels pleasant on bare feet. Restore 4x can be custom-tinted in 60 colors.

Problem: My concrete patio is cracked, pitted and worn, but it's still my favorite spot to relax in the yard.
Solution: Quikrete Textured Acrylic Concrete Coating
Averaging just 25 cents per square foot, this acrylic coating offers an inexpensive alternative to tearing out and repaving a slightly damaged patio. It employs heavy-duty resin technology that covers small pits and cracks and gives new life to worn concrete while also providing a permanent nonslip surface. And it's easily applied with a roller or brush.

Problem: I finally have a window of free time to stain my deck, but it rained this morning and the boards are still damp.
Solution: Sherwin-Williams Deckscapes Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain
This stain from Sherwin-Williams can be applied to damp wood, so as long as it stops raining for a bit, you can complete your refinishing project within the day. Whether applied to new or weathered wood, the stain penetrates deeply to protect against sun damage and mildew.

Problem: My deck is structurally sound, but a couple of boards have 1/4-in.-wide cracks that need to be fixed for safety.
Solution: Behr Deckover Solid Color Coating
Just two coats of this thick coating from Behr will fill deck-board cracks up to 1/4 in. wide with no primer required. It spreads on as easily as paint, even on vertical surfaces, and creates a smooth finish that's slip-resistant and comfortable for bare feet. In addition to repairing minor cracks and sealing splinters, Behr Deckover also provides a low-maintenance alternative to standard deck finishes, as it is made to last for many years with very little upkeep.

Problem: The surface of my concrete patio is in good shape, but I want to add some personal style.
Solution: Quikrete Concrete Etching Stains
Acid-base etching stains cause a chemical reaction with concrete, creating a unique, multitone appearance that adds pizzazz to a plain patio. The stains come in a variety of colors (tan, coffee, black, English red and olive) to complement any outdoor décor. After staining, apply Quikrete's Concrete & Masonry Waterproofing Sealer or Concrete & Masonry High Gloss Sealer to preserve the new look.

Problem: I built a deck late last fall and haven't had time to stain it. I want the wood grain to show, but I don't like the gray tones it has now.
Solution: Olympic Elite Advanced Stain + Sealant in One
With Olympic's new Elite semitransparent stain, you can change drab grays to any of 14 wood-look hues. One of four products in the Elite line, the semitransparent stain incorporates just enough pigment to mask the gray while still revealing – even enhancing -- the wood's natural grain. And your deck will better resist UV damage, mildew, algae and barrages of moisture from rain and snow.