Video: Ridgid 100 Watt Power Inverter

I agree that most of us spend too much time staring at our portable screens: smartphones, tablets, laptops, GPS and game systems. I'm also not suggesting we give them up completely. These portable devices can be time wasters, but they can also be time savers, help us do our jobs better, and they can certainly be fun, too.

The portability of these devices depends on one key factor - keeping their batteries charged. If you've ever had your phone die on a remote job site or your tablet die just as you were about to show a client an estimate, then you know that helpless feeling. One great way to make sure you've always got power when you're on the road is by keeping a power inverter in your vehicle.

The Ridgid 100 Watt Power Inverter plugs into your car or truck's 12V DC receptacle and converts the DC power produced by your car or truck into the AC power that your electronics need. There are other power inverters on the market, but I really like this one's compact size, ease of use and price.

This power inverter features a 100 outlet that powers your battery chargers, laptops and other small electronics rated up to 100 watts. A 2.1 USB port for most tablets. And, a USB port for things like cell phones and mp3 players.

A light-up on/off switch signals when the unit is working properly and there's a replaceable fuse to prevent overloading. You can use it when your vehicle is off, but I think it's best to use with the engine running to avoid the risk of running down your vehicle battery.

Check out our We Tried It video review of the Ridgid 100 Watt Power Inverter: