Video: Easy-Wash and Auto-Wash Sticks

I found an easy way to wash my car and it doesn't involve waiting in long lines at the carwash and spending $10 or $20. In this episode of We Tried It, I used the Easy-Wash Stick and the Auto-Wash Stick, two new cleaning tools from AutoRight.

Both tools feature a hollow handle that holds up to 16 ounces of soapy water. You simply submerge the head of the tool in a bucket of soapy water and pull back the top of the handle to draw it in. The handle extends to 56 in., which means less bending and reaching. The wash water stays cleaner because you're not double-dipping into the bucket with a dirty sponge or rag.

Each stick retails for about $22. I figure that's just a couple of basic rounds through the car wash. And for condo dwellers like me, this hose-free wash method is the ticket. It's also great for winter washing, when garden hoses are usually stowed for the season.

I used the Easy-Wash Stick to clean dirt and gunk off of vinyl siding at our cabin. The long handle gave me a bigger range of reach, and the soft bristles scrubbed most of the dirt away. I also liked that the Easy-Wash doesn't force a lot of water behind the siding like a pressure washer does.

The Auto-Wash Stick is the same idea: You draw water into the handle, then push out water through the synthetic lamb's wool pad as you go. No garden hose required! (And no streams of soap dripping down my arm like it does with a hand-held scrubbing pad!) With the extended reach, I can even clean the top of the car without a ladder.

Watch the episode of We Tried It featuring the AutoRight Easy-Wash and Auto-Wash Sticks: