Video: Rockler Glue Applicator Set

I've seen my share of sticky situations and tacky tenons, so when I heard about Rockler's Glue Applicator Set ($20), I was drawn in. Check out this episode of We Tried It to get a closer look at this useful kit.

As a woodworker and former cabinet maker, I have a lot to say about things like mortises, biscuits and glue-ups. Rockler's nifty Glue Applicator Set can take the stress out of most common gluing tasks. The set includes a standard spout that can be used with snap-on centering pins to create a perfectly aligned glue bead; a silicone brush to use on wider boards and tenons; a nozzle for mortises; a silicone roller for large jobs; and a no-spill funnel for refilling the included glue bottle.

Not only do the tools make for tidy and simple glue applications, all the parts clean up easily – even if the glue dries before you get around to it. At $20, the kit won't stick it to your budget.

Watch the episode of We Tried It featuring the Rockler Glue Applicator Kit: