Fall 2014 HandyWorks

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A life-long woodworker, Club member David Davies of Noblesville, Indiana, recently completed this handsome battery-powered clock. It’s made of maple, poplar and walnut, with brass numbers and aluminum hands. “I have been making wood projects since age 11,” he says. “I am now 80 and still enjoy building things out of wood.” The clock stands more than 6 ft. tall and took about three months to create.

Garden Cart
Inspired to make the ultimate garden cart for his wife, Jeannie, Club member Wendell Miller of Arcanum, Ohio, customized a HANDY project (see “All-purpose Work Cart,” July-August 2008, p. 08). He added wheelbarrow wheels so the cart pushes easily on grass and gravel and bored holes in the front handle to hold yard tools. Wendell coated the cart with five coats of enamel, which helps mulch and dirt slide right out. “In nearly 50 years of marriage, this is the most perfect gift my husband has given me,” Jeannie says.

Club member Joseph Austin, of Akron, Alabama, built this 10-frame beehive with red cedar. The top is made of polished copper with brass screws throughout; Joseph applied a clear coat to the copper to prevent discoloring. The project’s elegant look makes it suitable for a variety of spaces. “I make these hives for people who want to add a touch of class to their gardens, their patios or even their high-rise apartments,” he says. The hive provides a safe home for bees, which are increasingly threatened but vital to our ecosystem.

Sectional Sofa
When Club member Dave Morphis and his wife, Laurel, from Victorville, California, couldn’t find any high-quality sectionals in their price range, they built three modular sofas from scratch. Dave laminated hardwood maple and walnut scraps together to create the legs; the rest of the body is made of plywood and 2x4s. Laurel handled the upholstery: She covered the hard surfaces in carpet padding, wrapped everything in cotton batting, added the fabric covering and made contrasting cushions. Dave and Laurel now have comfortable seating for 12 adults in their family room.

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