Tip Trader: Slicing Through Siding

Handyman Club members share their home and workshop hints.

Slicing Through Siding Ever worry about damaging a plumbing line or wiring when you cut a hole in siding or paneling? Next time, try this trick from Club member Erwin Cohen of Orlando, Florida. Snap off the end of your jigsaw blade so it is no longer than the thickness of the material, this way the blade won’t cut into anything on the other side. However, Irwin points out, it’s important not to make the blade too short; if you do, it could lift clear of the kerf when it reaches the top of its upstroke.

Storing a Welding Torch If you own a small oxy-acetylene torch, you’ll appreciate this tip from Club member Richard Brooks of Silver Springs, New York. Take a 17-in. length of 1-1/2-in.-dia. PVC pipe and cut a 1/2-in.-wide x 11-in.-long slot in one side. Mount the pipe to the side of the bottle caddy and you’ll have a handy place to store the tip assembly. Of course, make sure the tip is cool before you place it in the PVC holder.